Age 29 – 37 attempts to reach 90 days. Finally fell in love & lost my virginity

Hello Brothers and Sisters,

After a long struggle with PMO during most of my adult life, I had started my first NoFap streak last year and lasted 38 days.

Since then I have been able to hold onto some decent streaks on and off but this april, I was finally able to hold onto a long streak.

The last time I was physically intimate with a young woman was in the year 2006. My then girlfriend was catholic and wasn’t comfortable with pre-marital sex. So we never did it.

Since I had broken up with her, I had been on the long, winding, lonely road to PMO.

I met the most beautiful girl I’ve even seen on my recent travels and we shared an amazing time together. I suddenly found the drive in myself to get close to her. When the time came to do the deed, I was able to generate a stiffy and what more- I was able to last surprisingly long. It never looked like it was my first time and I certainly didn’t tell her it was.

I was on Day 21 of my streak when it happened. If anyone needs further proof of the effectiveness of NoFap and PornFree, they need not look any further.

To all the virgins here in their late 20s or more, don’t lose hope! You never know when an opportunity will come your way. It’s best to be prepared when it does.

Thank you!

LINK – Finally lost my virginity at 29!

by darksedan



I’ve done it. I’ve reached 90 days. But I’m not going to stop now because there is no going back for me.

I finally reached the 90-day mark. This is my 37th attempt at NoFap since July 2013. It took me a year but I got here.

My life has changed.

I was 28 years old when I began on THIS streak. A lot of good things have happened and a lot of bad things have happened but what matters is I’m still here and I haven’t fapped!

The best thing being, losing my virginity to a girl I fell in love with. This was a few days after I turned 29. Better late than never I suppose and I am very happy I waited for someone this special to give it away to.

Mind you, there was always the temptation to Fap. All along. I don’t think I would’ve lasted this long if it wasn’t for my girl. Ever since she came into my life, I just cannot touch myself like that anymore. It will be another 2-3 months till I see her again so it’s hardmode for me until then.

I thank you all for your support! Couldn’t have done it without lurking in this sub and I’m very lucky to have found this group. I urge you all to stay steadfast in times of temptation and trouble- in the end wonderful things will happen to you if you only stop allowing yourself to be impaired by superficial, temporary satisfaction of the flesh.

90 days. Lost my V at 29, fell in love.

by darksedan