Age 29 – 60 days: ED seems cured, sex was awesome (I’m married)

Hi All, I wanted to spend a few minutes reporting in some progress on my first 60 days.

  • Days 1-15: I joined NoFap after trying to do it on my own and never making it more than 20 days. I’m instantly energized by everyone here, and this made it really easy to make it the first 2 weeks. what helped: Spending a lot of time commenting and participating here. Thank you all!
  • Days 16-30: A little more difficult as the warm and fuzzy feeling of participating wore down. what helped learning tips and strategies on how to survive without PMO. It was great. I starting working harder at work, earning more recognition, made new friends, exercised more, cleaned the house, simply put – I focused on doing things that help me be a happier productive person
  • Days 31-45: My First sex in about 6 months. It was….AWESOME. I didn’t have ED, it was really FUN, and I really focused on living well in the current moment. I focused on making love, not being self-conscious, and just getting really exciting over real life, not pixels or strippers.
  • Felt GREAT after that. but the urge to look at porn was still REALLY Strong.
  • Days 45-59: Home for the holidays: WOAH THAT WAS TOUGH. Came home for the holidays. It was tough as hell. Triggers and old habits waiting to drag me down. Loads of down time. Just got a smart phone, so the temptation was strong. what helped went on nofap, talked to people, and they told me: If you can make it through the holidays – you can make it through any time of year. Inspired by that – I DID IT.

I made it through the holidays:

  • the best part: My urge for real-life women (my wife) is increasing! and my desire to look at porn is decreasing! I’m getting boners often even just from cuddling, which is awesome – considering I had wicked ED previously.
  • NoFap Forum: It works at helping you achieve more out of real life. It works at helping you reboot your brain to a natural state, and it just helps! Thank you everyone for being you.
  • Looking forward to making 2014 my first nofap YEAR of my adult life!!!!!

LINK – My First 60 Days -> Reporting In

by AlexK2345