Age 29 – Doubt and depression fading, becoming an entrepreneur


Little bit about me: I am currently 29 and will be 30 in august. I discovered porn in junior high. My dad passed away in the summer of of my 2nd year of junior high. In my 3rd year of junior high around the summer time my mother commmited suicide not going to in to specifics. I was in summer school and i had to go back to dominican republic until my older sister could adopt me and my little sister.

my fapping was not that bad during high school but it started to escalate when i would not be able to get jobs, my family was not very supportive of me playing video games to alleviate my pain of not having my parents. Fast forward to my last almost 3 years of living in Florida it was real bad i would fap like every other day 2-3 times it got to the point where i was not getting a good feeling from it. I had never had a girl friend i was very anti social the last 2 years. I discovered NoFap January i said if after i move to my new place and get a job that i will not fap.

No fap benefits: i think my metabolism is a little faster i have lost 20 pounds in the last 3 months i walked to my job and came back home almost every day. I was eating healthier. I became less lazy. I also overcame a thirst of looking at women’s bodies and looking at them like they where a sex object. I have noticed that i have become more confident at talking to girls, i got some praise from my coworker when i was mini flirting with this girl at work. Unfortunately i didn’t want to escalate it any further since i was working and it could go south real quick sexual harassment.

I am no longer depressed and i don’t feel anti social anymore. I started my First eCommerce store but i was scared and it felt like it couldn’t for me before because my doubts and depression. I am hoping to do well.

My goals have changed to become a successful entrepreneur and to having a girl friend within the next year. Thank you guys for reading make sure to stop watching porn and fapping no good comes from it. The sky is the limit my brothers!

[Why did I do Nofap?] Depression,anti social, never had a girlfriend, I was really lazy and I would stay home all the time.

LINK – Finally reached day 90 my first check in with you guys!

by DominicanFury