Age 29 – (ED) Day 236, Just had successful sex

After 236 days, I had sex without Viagra once at about 70 days. Before I needed the blue pill. I would go to the bathroom during foreplay when I realized I wouldn’t be getting it up without help. This, btw is with a sex buddy I have and she’s very understanding and patient with me. Today for the first time I successfully had sex with here and no blue pill in sight. It took me ages compared to other stories here, but finally I made it. (bonus: she came 3 times, me once!!)

Just wanted to let other people know that it takes some people much much longer than others, but eventually it IS worth it! I feel so much better with myself. 🙂

I am 29 years old, and have been a fairly heavy porn user from about 15


LINK – Day 98, better but still far from promised land

4 months ago by depresseddespair

Hey guys, as you can see I am on day 98. some background info first, I am 28 and been fapping to porn and mimicking girls online to get off from about 13-4. i had sex with the help of the magical blue pill at 22 but since then just lots of fapping. I never went for the weirder stuff online just amateurs and like I said before mimicking girls (I am 100% straight). I really don’t know why that turned me on so. I now have a sort of sex partner and I’m concerned with my erections. From nearly total ED I was better at about days 70 up to 90 but now I seem to be experiencing it again. Anyone else on the same sort of boat? I do get semi hard eventually but its not like it was a couple of weeks ago. Btw I stopped the blue pills so I guess that’s something.

Threw away 10 years of my life

6 months ago by depresseddespair

I am a long time lurker and have a pretty good idea of what was going on in my mind now. My story goes as this. I used to watch porn casually from about 15-16. When i got a PC in my room things got heavier and I was bored with normal porn and normal cyber chat on mirc. I used to love chatting as a girl and I really have no idea why. I’m a straight guy and although I have nothing against gays and even have a few friends that are gay this shocked me and made me feel so ashamed.

It became a daily habit and when I was at university and had my own dorm this became a compulsion. I even made a fake Facebook account and had constant chatters who were in love with me. I’m confused as to why I enjoyed this so much and did so for about 6-7 years quite heavily (more than 2-3 hours a day). I used to masturbate as they talked dirty to me about incestuous and other sick ideas which i so enjoyed at the time. After I used to cum the feel of shame would come over me and used to regularly delete my account but only to activate it again on the very next day.

I used to have ED problem of course that were very very heavy and threw away a lot of girls both through ED and the depressed mood I was in along with my low low confidence. I am now on day 50 with no porn or masturbation. I reached orgasm twice through bjs and one to sex last night but i still feel guilty as i used Viagra and don’t seem confident enough to perform without it. I did cum in about 5 seconds which was a bit embarrassing but I’m still happy as before 3 months I could get an erection even with Viagra.

At 50 days I do feel much more confident and ready to tackle anything but I am still flat lining occasionally and am concerned with the Viagra I constantly feel I need. I would just like to know if anyone has been through something similar and want to congratulate you guys since you are an inspiration to me and thousands of others.

Day 236 Just had successful sex NSFW

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