Age 29 – ED, depression, anxiety, ADHD – all gone and I am off my meds

If there were any doubt left in my mind about nofap, it all went out of the window on Nov 26th Tuesday, at around 9:30 pm… Please bear with me, I am still in shock at what happened that day (in a good way).

Let’s get the brief self intro away, I’m 29, started fapping since 19 to fantasy and then to high speed porn at 20 (very late i know but im a late bloomer, mentally wise) for 10 years, i fapped on average 3-4 times a day, sometimes if shit happened 5-6 times, actually now that i think back, i fap not only when im sad, i also fap when im happy, angry and most of all lonely.

Since then, like most of you “ex-addicts” here, I developed ED, depression, anxiety and unexplained low self esteem from porn, the last five years have been especially severe that i was diagnos with ADHD and major depression (i was suicidal) was put on wellbutrin, xanax, lexapro, concerta and ritalin…. yeah i was pretty messed up, i was a pathetic omega, you know, the usual bullshit, not being able to look people in the eye…. yadda yadda

I started nofap this july and yeah… you guessed it, porn was the root of all my misery because now i am COMPLETELY off all meds, it was an arduous start and its a long story, I’ll just describe that my recovery process is textbook, the most typical journey you guys hear a lot around here.

Heres what happened, this tuesday: I was hanging out with my best female friend since high school, she always had the hots for me since we met (I’m a very good looking guy but ruined by porn, sigh…) but i was never sexually attacted to her, she’s just not my type, and to be honest i find her to be quite ugly sometimes, so we became friends instead.

So we hanged out at the zoo, spending the whole day just chillin, remember i said i was an omega? well, ever since we became friends she would always rip on me, hassling me with stupid ass sexual jokes, provoking me sexually and i put up with it, but what happened that day changed everything, she was dealing with the porn-free me bitch.

At the end of the day she was driving me home, we chatted for a few minutes then again she started one of her sex jokes again:

“You know anon, i could tell a guy’s penis size if they are wearing tight pants, like my ex, theres a contour, a slope of a flaccid penis pushing out at the crotch…”

then she looked at my crotch with a disdainful chuckle and said

“nothing forget it giggling we’ll always be the best sisters ahaha”

She crossed the line, you never EVER make fun of a guy’s package, no fucking way, especially not to a guy who is in a severe FLATLINE with a shriveled dead dick.

Now please bear in mind that ever since i started nofap, i’ve become a BEAST, like i said above my recovery is typical, i have ALL the so-called “super powers” and I am unstoppable, one thing though, while most of you here experienced a confidence boost, so did I, but later it became aggression… something that is unseen by me since elementary school, it’s like i have transformed to a completely different person and it’s quite unnerving but oh well… im not complaining 😉

Anyways, my masculinity, my diginity as a man was under attack BY A WOMAN and theres only one way to defend myself.

Me: sisters eh?

Bitch: yup bff! chuckle

I grabbed her breasts, HARD, like i was a rock climber holding on to two cliff stones to prevent himself from falling to his death, it was a pair of very soft, supple and deliciously huge rocks (shes got great tits) and BOY did it felt good !

She screamed and tried to hit me but i got out of the car before she can do so, her face blushed so hard it looked like a baboon’s ass.

I held out my arms to her in a “come at me bro stance” and said:

“That’s what sisters do”

gave her a wink and walked into my home, LIKE A BOSS. It doesn’t end here yet, when i closed the door, i noticed i have a boner… AFTER 20 DAYS OF CRIPPLING FLATLINE I FINALLY HAVE A BONER!

My eyes are teary as I’m typing this, THANK YOU NOFAP THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU, all of you! for all of your support! and especially you Gary Wilson! had it not been your speech at ted talks i would never became what i am today: A MAN

Thank you again, ALL OF YOU, i will dedicate myself to this reddit, offering support and morale as much as i humanly could!!! Never give up guys, never! I was one of the most addicted victim to porn and if i can do it so can you!


TL;DR was a suicidal omega everybody walked on, became an aggressive Alpha beast after nofap

  • epilogue: she texted me and said i was a very “bad boy” and that she would “give it to me” next time we meet, in a joking manner of course, we are friends for 10x years after all, anyways, BRING IT ON BITCH

LINK – Nofap made me do the unbelievable (Mind Blowing Success)

by DogQuack