Age 29 – ED: there is still room for improvement, but I had success

Yes, yes it does help! I started at a very young age with PMO as well. I was 9 when I started with magazines, 13 with internet porn and I’m 29 now. I had PIED ever since I can remember being with a girl. Though the ED was killing me (I hated myself really) I never gave up, to get laid, because I just didn’t want to miss out on the possible fun. When I was lucky enough to get a girlfriend, I was more able to relax and it worked pretty good at some times but the ED was always lurking around the corner. A few months ago I discovered NoFap and and I felt so stupid, that it never occurred to me, that porn could be an issue.

I tried a few times, while still having a girlfriend to just avoid porn but still fap but I always relapsed. Then I tried hard mode and almost reached 90 days. In these 90 days my girlfriend broke up with me, but for other reasons mainly. Anxiety came and I felt lonely and this made me relapse again, for two weeks straight. But in these 90 days I felt already way better, no superpowers, but more confidence and energy and more and harder morning erections and wet dreams as well.

I’m back on the nofap train since 13 days now and I started dating again. At some point with a girl it led to sex. I got nervous at first but she was really cool, and it worked after the first fail. This was a big improvement…. IT WORKED ON THE FIRST DATE ON THE SECOND TRY! Years ago, it was so bad, that I was never able to get it up the first time with a girl.

Don’t get me wrong, there is still a lot of room for improvement, but I saw already in this really short period of nofap a big improvement. When you consider, that I watched porn for two decades and only gave up porn for about 4 months with little breaks in between, then this is a huge success!

Keep up the good work!


BY – procrastinator85