Age 29 – Severe ED & Married, 91 days

So I made it 91 days, and I couldn’t have done it without /r/nofap! I haven’t gained any superpowers or started to secrete magic pheromones that attract the opposite sex. However I used to waste hours each week fapping, and felt ashamed at my lack of willpower. I now do productive things with the time I once spent fapping, like learning to cook and catching up with friends. I feel confident because of my achievements rather than ashamed of wasting so much time. Before I started nofap I had developed severe ED, and my penis only responded to porn or fantasies about porn. Now I get erections when kissing my wife, and we were able to have PIV after 4 weeks of nofap.

I still have some performance anxiety about sex that has led to some lingering ED and PE symptoms, but we’re working on taking the pressure off by focusing on making each other feel good and treating PIV as a bonus when it happens. I would recommend nofap to anyone in my situation.

Some tips:

  • A little nofap goes a long way: use this sub to motivate you, pick up tips and support fellow nofappers. If you spend too long here you may start to wallow in the difficulty of the challenge – sometimes it’s better to try and distract yourself from it
  • Take all the help you can get: porn filters don’t make you weak, they help you take control of your life by eliminating distractions from your goal
  • Just say no!: Edging and porn are pointless and counterproductive. Sure, you can watch porn and touch yourself without resetting your badge. It won’t make you feel any better, and it makes nofap 10x harder for a good while after you do it.

Stay strong fapstronauts!

PS: Some info about me if you’re interested:

  • 29yo male
  • Started fapping at age ~10, exclusively to porn or porn-like fantasies
  • Dramatically increased in frequency at age 19 when I got access to broadband in the privacy of my own room
  • Fapped 7+ times every week, with occasional bingeing up to 4 times in a day
  • Tried to stop fapping several times with no clear goals or plan, never lasted more than 2 weeks
  • 91 days ago discovered /r/nofap and YourBrainOnPorn, haven’t fapped since
  • Not yet decided whether to continue the challenge

LINK TO POST – 90 day report: Thanks for all your help!

by Ouibiensur