Age 30 – 110 days of pornfree made me a better man

First of all, I should tell you why I did pornfree, it was not because of some religious or moral issues, it was not because of ED. It was because I was a dopamine junkie, spending hours browsing for nude pictures of woman (I was mostly only into softcore).

I started my pornfree journey last year in june. I had my relapses, I had my victories (116 days was my best). I don’t visit this sub very often anymore, mostly because I learned how to deal with porn by now. But I wanted to share something with you, especially with these who just started their journey.

Now, currently at day 110. And I just realized how much pornfree changed me, it improved my attitude towards woman, I respect them, I don’t value them only on their appearance, I am more empathic towards these woman who earn their money by letting strangers all over the world watch their bodies (it would screw me up, knowing that everyone can find nude pictures of me on the internet).

I am not sure how to describe it, but it’s kind of liberating. There was an anger in me, that is not anymore there. I am sure there are plenty of people who can deal with porn, but I am not one of them. If you are like me, porn will screw you up and you won’t even realize it. And I still have a long way to go…

LINK – 110 Days of pornfree made me a better man

by zerkoy


UPDATE 1 Approaching day 90, some thoughts on pornfree and nofap, some remarks, no real “superpowers” but some improvements

I’ve done 90 days of nofap before, currently on day 124. So I can compare my results from nofap and pornfree. Long story short, nofap gave me strong will and the control over my desires, it removed the brain fog, gave me motivation, in general I am more happy, much less social anxiety. I guess my main achievement is that I went on vacations alone to some countries, without speaking the language and without making plans, just booked a flight. It was a real adventure, I met some interesting people on my way. I guess everyone with social anxiety knows how big of a deal it is. I can recommend to travel for anyone who has similar problems, people are usually nice when they travel and are looking for company. It’s quite easy to socialize with other travelers.

Pornfree gave me a real “reset” of my brain, I am feel like I am not done yet, but I clearly see results. The main aspect of this reset is the way I look at woman, relationships and social interactions in general. Looking back, I regarded woman mostly as sexual entertainment, most of my interactions with woman where dominated by that kind of thinking. If I wasn’t sexually interested in a woman I could even better interact with her, since there was no sexual pressure, so I make friends with some girls which I consider to be not attractive, one could say I friendzoned them. Now, what changed is that the sexual pressure is not there anymore, this helped me a lot with my social anxiety with attractive woman. Some years ago I just got wasted to cure my anxiety, it worked, but I realized at some point that this is not the right solution. I am less needy towards attractive woman, I can just chat with them, without thinking in the back of my head how to seduce them.

I think both, pornfree and nofap goes hand in hand. But ultimately porn is the real problem here, it causes to an unhealthy masturbation behavior, i.e. we fap like crazy. For me pornfree and nofap are the fist steps to make some self-improvements. I identified my weaknesses and I will try to work on it.

Finally, I wish all the best to you guys! Remember, it’s just takes some time to improve, don’t expect any superpowers, just a steady improvement.