Age 30 – 150 Days: The last 30 days has been a lot different

The last 30 days has been a lot different than the span from 90 to 120. I seem to have a rather constant level of horniness throughout most of my days. I’ve gotten pretty good at channeling the energy into work and other positive endeavors. I suppose it’s due to taking different vitamins/supplements and working out a bit more intensely. One thing that also leaves me in a frustrated position is that I can’t readily just go out and meet someone who would be DTF; I’m not quite divorced yet. The legal process takes time. All I can do right now is be patient and focus on work and other goals. I can easily say that if I was still fapping and looking at porn on a near daily basis I would be a total wreck right now.

It’s hard for me to really say what to expect to someone who hasn’t gotten to this point yet. I’m essentially on hard mode, since I haven’t had sex in about a year. There are days where it gets really difficult not to think about sex, and resisting the urge to throw open a quick incognito window is tough. But these days I have no interest in even looking at any porn related stuff whatsoever because it just straight up makes me angry. I don’t even want to bother, I just would rather connect intimately with a real human being. Some days it makes my heart hurt to think about it. Putting so much weight on wanting something is a bad behavior pattern that I’m working on fixing.

That’s another thing, you not only feel arousal in your crotchal area, you start to feel it in your heart as well (at least I do). Sort of like a ravenous make out scene in an Italian soap opera. I was saying to a friend of mine that the next time I have sex I would probably have a heart attack and create the next Octamom simultaneously.

This challenge is different for everybody. But on a less esoteric and more practical note, I’m not doing anything different than many other members of this sub. My diet doesn’t consist of sugary junk food, I exercise on a moderate-to-frequent basis, avoid smoking (including THC), take supplements, get out into the world and interact with people, and have a life goal that you can push towards every day (work…lots of hours of work). But most importantly, just take it a day at a time. Willpower, self-discipline, direction.

TL;DR: Scroll up and read it.

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Just Passed 200 Days. AMA.

I have a great deal of gratitude for this sub and everyone who comes here to offer help, encouragement, and motivation. In an attempt to give back to the community I try to get on here and offer help from my own perspective, even if it’s sporadic. I realized over the weekend that my counter hit 200 days. So I figured I would do an AMA of sorts for all of the new fish and anyone else who might be lurking around with thoughts of starting the challenge.

Within those 200 days I experienced a great deal of things, including a partner leaving, excessive work hours (in front of a computer with no internet filter), excessive bouts of solitude, inadvertent hard mode, erratic mood swings bordering on roid rage, sleep debt, and other things. During this time I also quit any ingestion of THC, which had its own set of challenges and benefits.

Anyone interested, ask me anything you want.