Age 30 – 200 days: I now have an undeniable sex drive, fetishes irrelevant

I now have an undeniable sex drive. I want my wife more than ever. If a long time passes without sex, I feel this thing called ‘sexual tension’ which is apparently a real thing!

For you single guys… If you make it this far, you will definitely gain confidence to interact with women. You will notice things you never noticed before. Hair tossing, quick glances, breathing patterns, body language… It is a different world and let me tell you… When you get to this point, you really won’t care about whatever super specific porno fetishes you thought were the only thing you could get off to, because just the word WOMAN (or man or whatever) will make you feel urges.

In a way, this has been like being a stereotypical teenager for the first time. My wife has commented about how awkwardly I’ve been hitting on her. And I’ve been hitting on her a lot. And it has been really, really good when it works… Like, screaming, whole body orgasms. 6, 8, 10 powerful ejaculations with whole body convulsions. You will never get that from Rosy Palms. The most I ever got with pmo was maybe one medium spurt and then a couple of almost painful dribbles. There is a lot to be said about not being the one who is doing the stimulating, since your brain kinda goes haywire when you do come. Having someone else stimulate you… Or getting off from intercourse… Wow, it’s just so different and you really, truly have to abstain from PMO to get to that point.

Life is good.

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Almost 400 days, but I need your help!

I need your help! Lately (last month or two) I’ve been flirting with disaster. At first, I was letting myself look at racy (but “not porno”) images on Pinterest… then it was “Hey, I bet I can find non-nude pictures of sexy celebrities, you know, just to appreciate their beauty.” The next thing I knew it, nude pics were okay… and that slippery slope led to my present situation. Lately (last 10 days or so) I’ve been doing things like loading the random nsfw page on Reddit and “just peeking” at a small number of images on Imgur. So the excuse I’ve been making for that is “As long as it isn’t a hardcore porn video, it’s not the same thing.” But now, I’ve definitely seen some hardcore imagery, which was something I hadn’t let myself see in… well, hundreds of days!

I was doing so well! How did I get off track? You know, I think it was in a single instance when I caved when my friend sent me a racy music video. Ever since then, it’s been a lot of permission-granting.

I’m not in full addict mode, so that’s good and I can (and WILL) still get this back under control, but I do know that I’ve been more stressed than ever before with work lately, and my wife has been really stressed out too… And I’ve been wanting sex so bad even though there’s no time. So that doesn’t help. Maybe I have been feeling like things are out of control in my life and this is where my brain wants me to try to regain control? NO, brain, NO! I won’t give in. No more porn. No more celebrities. No more sexy images. GET OUT!

I’m grateful that I’ve had the strength to resist fapping, and I’ll be proud to pass the 400 mark. But I wish I could have kept my noporn badge going longer than 250 days…

So, help me stay motivated! I’m not going to stop with nofap at 400! What do you others who have made it a long time do when you mess up?

And for those of you who have gone a long time without messing up, what do you do to re-strengthen your fortifications as time passes?