Age 30 – 90 days of growth, my story

I cannot really express the benefits and path changes created by this journey without explaining its foundations, and the mould I was stuck in and thus broken… this could result a loooong post, but if that puts off those with a low attention span then perhaps thats a good thing 🙂

Skip back 17 years ago… I wondered what all this fuss was with fapping, I didn’t know properly what it was or how to do it properly so I started to experiment on my own, didn’t get anywhere but something felt good… it wasn’t until I saw kids in my school creating crude animated masturbation images via an art program on the school computers… it was quite funny actually, they created two images and would hit a keyboard bind that would constantly switch between the two creating an animation… it would be a caveman fapping away and jizzing everywhere hahahaha.

So, routine down… I copied the images and was amazed with what happened… it felt awesome, I did it almost daily…did some research… guess what its “perfectly healthy and encouraged by doctors” and also a cultural norm…. Skip forward a few months and my inner entrepreneur kicked in and capitalised on this new found joy by selling porn images on 3.5 floppy disks around the school… such a badass! This progressed throughout my years into the free midnight previews of adult TV channels, and then onto high speed internet porn.

I never really had a proper father figure due to parental splits and fights etc., and this coupled with my experiences above didn’t stop me having frequently successful relationships with girls… which I am surprised at, however most of them were not of a sexual nature.. What was the point?

Skip forward to three months ago… I was a stagnant IT systems engineer who was a doormat stuck in a caustic disrespecting 9 year relationship with an equally weak girl who walked all over me… I was engaged, drained and a soulless husk who had only just finished chemotherapy and radiotherapy for cancer which was diagnosed at the beginning of the year.

Ever since my news of remission I have been on a journey of self-improvement… I found YBOP; read everything there and then a compilation of 90day reports… I couldn’t quite believe it so gave the challenge a go on soft mode.

Present day:

  • I have dumped my horrid relationship to focus on myself
  • I am hitting the gym and losing all the weight gained from the chemo steroids
  • Running after gym sessions… only 3 miles at present, but im progressing
  • Career is turned around, I have goals, focus and determination to succeed at any cost… and if it doesn’t pay off in the way I would like… then I will be switching out of IT to follow my fantasy of being a paramedic
  • I am respected, can maintain eye contact and can command a room of people with very little effort
  • Women are sniffing me out… even those mutual friends with my ex are starting to try and shark me… But I don’t have time for them… I am learning to love me first.
  • Energised, sleep better, eat healthier.
  • Testosterone boost – This has been quite noticeable, and has helped to regrow the facial and neck hair that I lost due to radiotherapy
  • I am writing and cataloguing my experiences… Reason being is that during my cancer I actively supported other patients through a support community; the community approached me and wanted to use my words and experiences to publish in their self-help books… I have taken this as another sign that I am to be heard, and my experiences and outlook considered worthy. Perhaps I will write a book… pretty excited about that!

I am now version 1.5 of what I was… Stick at it folks, maintain the momentum and be what you want to be… There is not much in life that gives you the ability to turn around so quickly and boost you to change for the better; NoFap is one of those tools if exploited correctly.

2014, version 2.0 is coming for you!


LINK – 90 days of growth – My story

by Gomezie


UPDATE – Upping the ante… Wish me luck!

209 days.. damn I have come far but its time to go harder, better and faster.

The bulk of my run has been softmode, with a run of two weeks of hardmode at most before letting a woman be intimate with me and breaking my run…I am still not ready for love after my breakup late last year, and my goals have taken less priority as a result of trying to make relationships.

Man flu is subsiding, the gym hasn’t been hit for two weeks and neither has my trainers on the tarmac… Time for 90 days of hard mode!

Quite pumped to see what a difference it will make, as I already consider myself mostly cured of the lizard brain 🙂

Keep growing and growling all!