Age 30 – Anxiety and depression gone, More confident and sociable


I’ve been on nofap journey for well over year. Relapsed a lot, more than I can count. But I kept going and now I’m on my “longest streak” as some you of would say. Except for me, it’s not a “streak” anymore but a lifestyle and I’m loving it!

Listen, It’s not easy to get this point. I can honestly say without a shadow of a doubt that this is one of the hardest things I’ve ever done but don’t let that put you off because the rewards and its benefits are amazing!

So what are these “amazing” benefits that I’ve noticed? Here they are.

  1. Confidence – I’m more confident than I’ve ever been
  2. Less anxiety – this was a killer for me but now it’s considerably less than noticeable
  3. More sociable – less and anxiety more confidence=more sociable
  4. More energy- what can I say, this is a given blessing of nofap
  5. Less depression- suicidal at one point, this I can say is gone. Even though I still have lots of problems to deal with.
  6. Happier- been feeling a lot happier lately, since I have no guilt of fapping or whatnot
  7. More optimistic (glass half full)- I was never like this, I was always that doom and gloom guy and now this? what a change!
  8. Enjoying the little things in life- this is a big one for me, you have no idea how the simplest things can sometimes give you the most awesome feelings
  9. Self respect growth- yep, this comes with the territory and when you respect yourself people will respect you.
  10. Cleaner overall- since I don’t feel depressed at all, my personal hygiene has been a top priority
  11. More driven- every morning I wake up, I get up with vigor and purpose and being more optimistic helps too.
  12. Female attraction from women- yep, this is true they eye contact I get from some women not all, is sometimes electrifying. You could just tell
  13. More assertive – able to say no without even batting an eye lid
  14. Giving less “fu**s”– this is HUGE for me, I was always insecure and I swear now even if something is said about me I now just laugh it off, it’s GREAT! I could not give less shit if I tried.
  15. Better posture standing and walking – confidence boost = better posture? Who knew eh
  16. Raise in self awareness- this is EASILY one of my favourite benefits, you could learn so much from yourself and what you’re doing by simply being more self aware. And since I started this journey, I began to see all the problem I had both internally and externally. This is magical
  17. Deeper voice- yep and the great thing is, it’s getting deeper everyday. No joke
  18. Better hair- Im able to grow more facial hair and my hairline and hair look more vibrant than they ever been

So there you go guys, I hope this inspires you guys who are starting this journey. Don’t give up, there’s light at the end of this tunnel.

Above and beyond!

LINK – 7 months benefits

By KickMoos