Age 30 – ED cured: feel like a normal person again, capable of having a real relationship.

I’m going to keep this brief, I’m really just writing because the success stories have kept me going during the hard times so it’s time I shared mine. I’ve been a PMO addict for about a decade now (fapping compulsively for even longer but not with porn).

I had real trouble with PIED in my late teens/early 20’s which was a contributory factor in the ending of the relationship I had at the time. In the intervening six years I never so much as kissed a girl as the fear of embarrassment over potential ED kept me from pursuing women. Also, I guess constantly being sapped of sexual energy from compulsive daily fapping would have blunted my desire.

In the past year I have been attempting nofap I’ve never gotten longer than a three week streak, so some might say I’ve been failing in achieving the 90 day challenge. However I’ve cut from spending hours a day fapping to porn to initially, once per week, and now much less frequently than that.

More importantly however I’ve found an awesome girl and we started having sex a little over a week ago. The first time I was nervous about potential ED but nope, everything worked fine, rock solid! Even managed to go four times in the one night and again the next morning. In the intervening week we’ve probably done it a dozen times.

Basically having spent years afraid of sex due to embarrassment, I now feel like a real person again, capable of having a real relationship. I feel zero desire to look at porn and I reckon with a healthy outlet for my sexual desire I’m going to nail the 90 day challenge and moving on from that break my addiction to PMO.

LINK – ED Cured, feel like a normal person

by borisxxy



EARLIER POST – Have been addicted to fapping for more than half my life…

My message to younger aspiring fapstronauts, get your shit together now, don’t become like me! It has made me miserable, lonely, destroyed a beautiful relationship (many years ago) and negatively impacted upon my academic success and career prospects.

I’m afraid this is more a dump of my thoughts rather than a grand profound statement, I’ll save that for my 90 day report! (wishful thinking)

  • Fapping is not wrong by itself, compulsively fapping daily is wrong.
  • It’s a form of self medication but it will only make you feel worse in the long run.
  • Compulsive fapping saps your desire to become “more”, it removes the inner drive that spurs you on to greatness
  • porn is by far the greater evil of the two, it is highly addictive and as a sufferer of PIED I implore you “Break the habit now” 30 year old you will thank you.

I hope my post inspires at least one person to think “Hell, I don’t wanna end up like that loser! I better stop now!”