Age 30 – ED cured, more relaxed, confident with women, great sex life

I was porn addicted from age 11, that is 1995. At age 10, I got dial up internet and at age 11 when my grandfather died I didn’t no what to do with my feelings but watch porn all day and masturbate.

At age 11 you can do that for 8 or 9 times a day. I feel really sad writing this down now.Back to 24 oktober 2011: I found out that my beloved habit could be addictive. I got ED with real girls but not with porn.

I decided at once: I quit. I succeeded most of the time, I had some relapses watching static boobies images but that was it. I learned how to pickup woman and reAd the sex god method by daniel rose. It is a great book, for over 90% what is in there is truth, but only for the open-minded.

It didn’t take long before I got myself a new ‘lover’, or they say, fuckbuddy. Because of the methods of sex god method, she wanted a lot of sex with me. She was the new substitute for online porn.  She was my relapse. As soon I figured that out I stopped having sex with her (she didn’t understand, lol).

oktober 2013: Porn free for over two years now. Great relationship with a great girl. No porn watching, no relapse whatsoever.

Fast forward 24 oktober 2014: I have a great life with a super super great girlfriend. I have a lot of great sex with her. My most horny experiences, memories and fantasies are with her, not some online video. When she has her period and it is to painful to have sex, sometimes I watch porn (but not masturbate(!) while watching, triggers direct relapse) and I love it. So maybe once a month or two, I watch porn and masturbate half an hour later. For me: it doesn’t trigger a relapse because the two events are separated in time and so not connected. Also watching porn when feeling sad it really triggers the urges to watch again. I see porn as a drug now, it is OK to enjoy it sometimes but if it influences your normal life you are doing it too much.

I keep it this way for over a year now and I don’t have urges to watch porn. Images that pop up in my mind if I am horny are with my girlfriend. She is the one that makes my horny.
Frequent masturbation does leave its marks on our sex life. If I jerk of more than twice a week, my urge to develop some physical activities drops so I leave that for when we are separated for a few nights.

This was my route:

EDIT: What I actually did was this:   It is in the masterflirt (dutch) book. I think this was the reason that it was easy to stop watching porn: I got other stuff to do in my life.

Stop watching porn at once

Learn how to pick up girls (Richard la Ruina is my favorite, he helps you naturally transform in who you really are or want to be, others are depending too much on routines, tricks etc.). This stuff is real and only if you are prepared to leave some old behaviours in the past you will succeed. A failure is something you can learn from. For the dutch readers, I really like the masterflirt book.

Read Dan Rose’s Sex God Method (available on multiple torrent sites). It is a highly controversial book (some stuff is over the edge and it is up to you how serious you take it) but it is like picking up girls: there is so much that we guys learned to be nice what actually turns of girls. Stop doing that and you’ll get more attention of girls that you could have even dreamed of.

After a year reading SGM I had three girls having sex with and they knew it of each other and they didn’t care. I never thought that girls would like me sexually and was a virgin till age 21. This was a transformation of day and night.

It didn’t take long though that I fell heavily in love with one of them and she is my monogamous girl now. If your feelings can handle it, you can keep this situation though, I don’t know if it makes you happy. Daniel Rose is the expert himself and seems to be utterly unhappy in his video’s. I think it is the same with all the pickup artists, no girl is ever good enough so they never settle.

Stopping porn addiction improved my life a lot. My voice got lower, girls are naturally attracted more to me, make more spontaneous conversations with me and I have a infinitely better (sex) life. I feel more confident, more relaxed.

I think magnesium (not oxide form) is really helpful with general anxiety.

I hope this helps some people. My initial posts on this board are somehow deleted so I cannot link to them.

LINK – How I got out and got a great (sex) life

BY – Henk