Age 30 – ED gone; I feel and act like a man again.

At age 30, this is my longest streak so far. I was in hard mode until day 30, when I was able to pull myself out of a 7-year dry spell with a woman I had been pursuing for a couple of months.

I credit NoFap for both giving me the boldness and solidarity to go after this girl in the first place, and further for pushing me to be a man and make a move at day 30 rather than letting opportunity pass me by yet again. (Not simply an opportunity for sex, but for intimacy in a continued relationship)

I never had a terrible ED problem, but I definitely had one, and I’m pleased to say that is completely gone. A couple of notes on my progress:

  • NoFap is not any easier now after 83 days — if anything I’m craving the real thing more now than I was in hard mode, because I remember how awesome the real thing is. Being aware of the chaser effect is very important. And I still find myself wanting to fall back to old habits when I don’t bump pelvises for a week.
  • My recovery has been ongoing for several years now — it didn’t magically cure itself after a mere 30 days. I have been consistently doing 10-20 day streaks for over a year, and have been porn-free for at least 3 years. I would say it wasn’t until around day 50 that I noticed my ED was completely gone.

However, I now have a serious problem with PE. Seven years ago I did not have that problem, but I had porn-induced ED, so maybe it makes some sense that before I wasn’t able to experience the level of natural stimulation that I can now. Perhaps my body is getting used to that. I’m really just wondering if anyone else has experienced similar issues during their recovery. Regardless, I’m in this for the rest of my life. NoFap makes me feel and act like a man again.

LINK – ED Cured, Masculinity Restored, Now Dealing with PE

by beldenge