Age 30 – ED, I feel like a teenager again

I am now well on my way to the one year point. For those struggling I can only say life will only get better and better if you can stick with it. I’m a 30 year old man that now feels like a horny teenager again. I had forgotten what this feels like and how wonderful it is. I also have more self confidence then I can ever remember having. I have fun staring people down these days where as before I would look away with the briefest of eye contact. I’ve hit on a number of girls in public with success, including my current girlfriend who I got by just grabbing her hand and dancing with her at a club. If you told the me from 5 years ago that I would try that with a girl like this, he would have laughed in your face.

In terms of sex… well lets see. My ED is 95% gone, I can get hard these days just texting my girl. I used to be paranoid that just by grabbing the condom I would go limp, but now I look down and the trooper is always at attention, and begging to go to the front lines. The only problem I can confirm is that I only last about 30 seconds most times once I do go for it. Thank God I know good foreplay, but if I can just control the PE, I can only salivate at how much fun I will have.

Beyond that I also had the first enjoyable regular BJ in my life. I mean I had orgasmed to oral before, but it was always in rather public places where the risk put me over the edge. I told the girl it wouldn’t happen, but she didn’t believe me. I was lying there thinking “this is a waste of time” when suddenly I realized it was an entirely different experience altogether now. I was totally shocked.

I’m not sure what my badge shows at the minute, but I don’t miss the porn anymore. I could probably M at this point without a problem, but just so far haven’t seen a reason to. I did have one very close call where I started to (no trigger at all). That was a different experience as well… wasn’t mechanical, it was more of a raw desire, and felt amazing. The best part though was having the control to get close to O and just decide to stop and go to sleep instead.

I will say it still takes work. You don’t get super powers… that suggests the success is all latent. Instead you get doors that were locked, covered in dust, and forgotten to open for you again. You still need to step through and figure out what is on the other side.

Also I want to give a big shout out for the other M… meditation. It really will change your mental outlook.

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by DeathRebirth