Age 30 – ED, successful sex after 53 days

I used to think I was in a pit of despair by myself and no-one else had this issue. At first I thought it was to do with physical health, started at the gym and done very well and upping my fitness but still no feeling down there at all. I had no idea that P could have such a massive impact on the mental state of my brain.

I originally kept my PIED to myself as I thought no-one would understand, I was adamant I could battle this myself, I managed to Last 3 weeks with no issues only to fall back off the wagon after a moment of weakness. I felt severely helpless and very depressed that I decided to tell my girlfriend of 4 years about my PIED. It was very tough but she understood and was glad I shared this with her. Our relationship has always been fine apart from having sex where I just could get more than 50% hard. She originally thought it was because she couldn’t turn me on, which couldn’t be further from the truth as she is my perfect ten, however now she understands that its because my brain is wired to fake fucking porn.

I also decided to tell my best friend, which I actually found harder as I generally find it hard to trust folk ( possibly an effect of overuse of porn?) . I ended up breaking down and crying whilst telling him, completely out of my character. I showed him this site and he didnt laugh, he actually understood and said it was no laughing matter.

Telling the 2 people close to me was a massive release and a great weight of my shoulders. I couldn’t recommend talking to a close friend enough! It has given me a new found passion to completely remove porn from my life and start tackling life head on instead of cowardly retiring to my room for a quick release. Plus,without sounding to straight to the point. I was want to start having awesome sex as much as possible just like I could in my teens!

Where to start, I didnt start jerking off till I was 14, I had a lot of experience with women through high school. It was when I got a PC for college at 21 I started downloading P immediately using Limewire, Kazaa then onto Torrents, then in recent years all P I watched was on my Iphone, too damn convenient. It would be in the mornings or nights before bed. Now its been at least 4 years since my penis worked properly.

So as I post this I’m at 7 days in…..and its been the most challenging 7 days, symptoms are worse than the last time I gave up for 3 weeks. Complete flatline with a few morning woods.

I’ve been very anxious, depressed, emotional, heavy insomnia, dry mouth, hot and cold sweats, and trouble controlling my breathing. I’m also a regualry weed smoker and have had to stop as the weed was amplifying my symptoms. I’m thinking of giving it up till I’m recovered as having sex means more to me.

This time I refuse to give up.

Just want to say thanks to everyone for sharing their stories on here, I have been reading through the forums for 2 days now and its comforting to know that I’m not the only one. THANKS! 🙂

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by geddonjones

Successful sex after 53 days 🙂

I can’t help but beam with pride. It’s my personal success but wanted to share it with ya’ll!

Everything leading up to it you can read here

The short story is I spent 53 days in mental hell and withdrawal symptoms, generally moaning and being very depressive and frustrated as to how my dick wouldn’t just work! I’m sure all the success stories are similar however I can only validate that it’s true!

So I came on the forum and a few of my buddies on here asked if I’d tried to have sex with my girlfriend recently, she’s been really supportive and is aware of my issue and has been helping me during my reboot, I made a decision at first to go at least 50 days of no O just to kickstart my reboot with a vengeance. At 53 days I’d forgotten about my pact, however I just went for it and the sex was a great success!!

I found myself more focussing on smell, touch and dare I say it ‘the love’ aspect of sex and it felt great. By no means am I 100% cured but I’m on the path to cure my erectile health and having successful sex validated that. From here on it can only get better. Hard work definitely pays!

Any questions don’t hesitate to ask!

by geddonjones