Age 30 – ED You realize the importance of sex, the physical and the emotional intimacy

Been watching porn since around 14. High speed P at least 8-10 years – since college. PIED, The symtoms were on and off making it hard to judge but I’d say about a year or so. What got me really worried about a couple of successive failures and that’s when I started doing some research and found out about YBOP and NoFap and put in a hard stop to everything.

Initially I did take Ginseng and stuff as I understand its reasonably healthy but then after about 40 days, I got done with the bottle and did not really continue on with it. I was convinced of the slow but steady healing process after about 3 weeks or so…If you have this issue, sticking to NoFap is definitely a great bet but be patient and give it some time.

Just wanted to take my time to say thank you to this sub-reddit. The several posts here have helped me answer several questions and reading thru the healing patterns of different people in all different walks of like has been great. The PIED that I may have had started healing during around day 20 and by day 60, it was pretty much gone.

My super powers came and went – it is a new normal that I have gotten used to and you’ve imo you’ve truly over come this when you stop counting every single day and have days when you don’t think about M. Sex-life is fantastic. I quit smoking around Day 8 and am done with that as well. I don’t waste an hour or more a day on PM and instead focusing on partners. I do miss the M once in a while and that is ok. No big deal as it is a waste of time – no doubts about that. Same with smokes. Much healthier now.

Good luck to all here – just keep at it, totally worth it.

LINK – Another brief 90 day report

by sxa841

His 30 day report

30 day report..

Ok its time for me to do my contribution. Till the time I found about YBOP and this sub-reddit – I had gotten myself into a bit of hole, a rather depressing one if you will because of PMO. I have a lovely girl and in a committed long term relationship (5+ years) but PMO started causing havoc and because like many of us, I never realized the damage it is causing, I went on and on. Then a bunch of PIED issues started occurring freaking me out and I started looking for answers. This is when I ended up here and YBOP. It generated much needed hope and I got going.

PIED is an eye-opening experience and you realize the importance of the sex, the physical and the emotional intimacy that comes with it. It is the biggest slap in your face experience you face forcing you to get your shit together. This is at least how I see it. Back then and now. So – I stopped PMO altogther, few days later told my girl about it and she was of course upset but stood by me. That made me emotional and if I may say a tad bit more depressed as you feel this sense of you just let your spouse down. But the only way is up – my optimism and sense of hope because of this forum and YBOP helped me a fair. The first few days of NoFap were slightly hard because of the urges but my will power has been way stronger. I quit smoking a few days later so it was double attack I launched on my old habits. No P, No M, No cigs, no occasional weed, etc. I remember having a couple of very emotional and aggressive days where I was just mad about what the f* have I done to my body and I just wanted to release the aggression. I went for a run, I ran long and faster than I had before I quit cigarettes. My lungs started to open up and I could breathe real oxygen. Have been keeping that up. Few days later joined a gym. Then a few days later started to go out a bit more. I kept talking to my spouse who is a bit hurt emotionally about it even though she is supportive. I get that – she deserves my attention and explanation. I wasn’t getting mad at her or trying to block. I was attentive to her emotional needs and tried my best to make her feel special. May be I have started to become more human?

Around day 18, we tried to have sex and it worked. It worked well. Oh my god, that really raised my confidence and I have another thread about it on this forum. Then we did not have any O and I have kept a strong no PM resolve. The morning woods started to come back and I had been traveling so there was no O. In the mean time, I have been in touch with my spouses emotional needs and in a rebuilding process of sorts to get her going again. Just one O on day 18 wasn’t going to make all things right. Gym and running continue, I have started to take some multivitamins and going further away from Cigs. So its about 40 days now (even though my badge says 30, got a badge 10 days later).

Have had sex past 3 days in a row. Girl is happier than ever and frankly speaking is pleasantly surprised. To be honest so am I – this is awesome. 0 PIED. Just a touch gets it going and going strong and on all the three days. I could go again and again and my girl has never been so happy. That makes me so happy and I am grateful. We had one of those perfect emotional/physical sex like a couple who has recently fallen in love – we were always in love but its a new beginning of sorts. And I am barely half way thru No Fap. I think I am healed and I thank god for that and the support I’ve gotten here and on YBOP. But make no mistake – Never going back to PM again and its NoFap forever. If I fantasize, I am having sex, if I am horny I am having sex. Just no Fap, no fake stuff…

So for those who are new here, I can understanding how confusing and frustrating it might be and I empathize. I just want to say that keep at it – the NoFap thing…90 days seem like forever away but just go thru with it, the flatline, etc. 90 days of sacrifice sets you up nicely for your emotional and physical being for hopefully, the rest of your life. The differences will start coming about in a few weeks … Good luck !!