Age 30 – Finally came! Delayed Ejaculation fixed. Thanks NoFap

So it finally happened. I (30M) came during PIV last night. After 47 days of not looking at porn and 32 days without MO, I was able to do something I wasn’t sure would ever happen. DE was my whole reason for doing NoFap.

I wouldn’t say I was addicted to porn, by I was definitely mentally affected by it. I’ve been hanging out with this girl and we first had sex on day 30. It felt great and I was clearly more sensitive, but I didn’t finish. This bothered her a bit as she had never been with someone like this before. Last night, I didn’t last more that 7 minutes. It was awesome.

ADVICE – If you are here due to DE, here is my tip for you. Any time you feel the urge to PMO, just think about how you are delaying actually being able to finish with a women. Only time can fix it. It’s worth it.

My first post is here with more of my background

LINK – Finally came!!! DE fixed. Thanks NoFap

by takebak