Age 30 – First 90 days.

It’s been 90 days and I’m feeling like a chick magnet.

Had a first wave of awesomeness days 4-12 followed by a wet dream which sent me into a depression. It got worse around day 20 and continued until around day 60. The first 3 weeks I experienced insomnia and nightmares that would wake me up with intense anxious feelings and a variety of negative emotions.

I started having sex on day 37 about once a week. I had at least two wet dreams before this and had one during a week that I didn’t have sex.

I’ve been attempting NoFap for 3 years and 7 months now and this is my first 90 day streak. What got me through was being fed up with wondering about the benefits and not experiencing them. In that time I’ve started running, which I used to hate but now gives me a great feeling of accomplishment and a real boost to my mood, continued to meditate with slightly greater frequency, and become much busier as an actor (I’ve done 6 plays this year and have 2 more coming up.)

That being said, I’m still very lazy and procrastinate a lot and haven’t changed much else, but in the last couple weeks women have been all over me. We’re not talking models and hot club girls as that’s really not my scene, but some lovely women have called me sexy, lovely, wonderful, gorgeous, handsome, adorable and I have more dating options than I know what to do with.

In summary, NoFap has totally gotten me laid more and made me more flirty, playful, and attractive, and I have no intention of going back to jacking off all the time.

Edit: Forgot to mention I had extreme chaser effect for 3 days after I had sex the first time. It’s gradually decreased to almost nothing.

THREAD – 90 Days

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