Age 30 – From a gf of an ex-PIED sufferer thanks to NoFap!

My 30 year-old boyfriend of 5 years started watching porn in his early teens and has struggled with this addiction ever since. I knew that this was a problem. It was always in the browsing history and carried over to problems in the bedroom.

I changed the computer to make me a password protected admin and put him as a limited user. Same with the tablet and his phone (or so I thought). But with any addict, they’ll find a way around it. I was getting fed up of treating a grown man like a child and felt helpless.

Then, earlier this year, he sat me down, told me about this sub-reddit and his addiction. Although we both knew there was a problem, it was the first time he actually admitted his addiction. It was like everything changed. He explained that this was something he needed to do and I fully supported him. There were times that he slipped and had to start over. His goal was to no fap and have no sex for a month.

When he completed his full month, we could already see a change for the better in our relationship. And for those who also suffer from PIED, I can attest that this changed everything. He lasts longer, his girth has increased, and it feels much more intimate. He’s also more attentive and engaging.

So, thank you to all the contributors to this sub-reddit. He couldn’t have done it without you! And for those of you who are wondering if it’s worth it….it definitely is. It’s like the beginning of our relationship again.

LINK – From a gf of an ex-PIED sufferer thanks to NoFap!

by GratefulDogMJ