Age 30 – Longstanding ED, results after only 2 weeks

Comments: It’s a bit rare, but this man experienced significant  improvements after only 2 weeks. 

Dear Fapstronauts,

I am writing this to encourage you guys to keep up the hard work. I know it’s not easy, but it is so worth it. Last night I had the best sex of my life without the use of a pill.

Here is my story: I was introduced to porn and sex at around 5 years old. Needless to say, that is probably a bit too young to be introduced to either. A few years after that I accidentally discovered the “joys” of masturbation. It felt so good, how could there be anything wrong with it? Makes perfect sense when you’re 10. Anyway, when I started masturbating it was all based off of fantasy. I actually still remember some of the things I used to think about back then 20 years ago.

Fast forward to when I’m 13. That is when I discovered Internet porn. Everything quickly went downhill from there. I would spend hours every day and night looking at porn, reading erotica, cybersex, trying to get girls to send naked pics. This was pretty much all I did with any free time I had. Sure, I had friends, but naked girls on the Internet were always more important than real life. There must have been a million lost opportunities with real life girls that I’ve missed, simply because it was so much easier to just go home and rub one out.

So, in my early teen years I developed a full blown porn addiction. I was only caught by my parents once. My dad saw what I had been doing in my browsing history. Unfortunately, I was the type of kid that always needed to know why. So when he confronted me about it and couldn’t provide what I thought was a legit reason to not masturbate other than “the bible says its bad”, I pretty much ignored it. The end result of getting caught and confronted about it was that I just got better at hiding my tracks.

I spent the better part of my teen years locked in my bedroom, alone, in the dark, in front of a computer screen with my hand shoved down my pants. I did have a few girlfriends during that time, but it never lasted more than a month. I didn’t really care though. As long as I could go home to my porn, I just didn’t care if my real life relationships failed or not. I rarely made the first move on a girl. Fortunately for me, I am at least somewhat mildly attractive, so I would get approached by girls from time to time. I still didn’t really know how to interact with females though, so even if they made the first move things never lasted long enough for sex to happen. Once again, I didn’t care because of porn.

I ended up losing my virginity when I was 20. It was to a girl that approached me first of course. The first time we went to have sex I couldn’t get it up. She was so hot too. I couldn’t understand what was going on. I wanted to have sex so badly, but my body wouldn’t let me. When I realized that I wasn’t getting hard, my brain scrambled and started thinking of anything I could just to get my dick hard. I did end up getting at least semi-hard… hard enough to technically lose my virginity, but the whole time I was somewhere else. I was thinking about all the hot girls I knew and what they would look like naked, I was thinking about porn stars and all the naked girls I’ve seen on the Internet. What I wasn’t doing was being in the moment, and actually enjoying what was happening with the naked girl right there with me! That relationship didn’t last much longer past that. Over the next few years I attempted to have sex with several more girls, all which I considered to be incredibly sexy, but always with the same results. I could never get fully hard, or if I did get hard I couldn’t get the condom on. As soon as we paused to put on a condom it was like someone poked my dick with a needle and let all the air out.

Finally, I met the girl of my dreams, and miraculously she fell in love with me too. We had the same problems in the bedroom, but I was able to be more open with her. I felt comfortable enough with her to share my past, my early introduction to porn and sex, and so we always blamed my difficulties in the bedroom on that. She knew I looked at porn and masturbated, and she was mostly ok with it. She’s never really known how much I would PMO, but she knew it happened. During the early stages of our relationship I went to see my general doctor, a urologist, and a therapist. I followed all their advice, took the pills, did the breathing exercises, but still always had the same results. Typically I would get semi-hard, then lose it quickly. I would just hope I could get it in fast enough for either of us to feel something.

We’ve been together almost 10 years now. We never had that early stage in the relationship you always hear about. The sex every day, super passionate, blah blah blah stage. We have sex once every few weeks. I would never make the first move though. My wife was usually the one to initiate sex. Not last night. I made the first move last night. I got hard quickly and stayed hard. I had the best sex of my life last night! It felt amazing. I didn’t last quite as long as I would have hoped, but she came twice, and I came once so can’t really complain!

Sorry this has been so long. I just figured there are probably some of you out there that may be able to relate to this. If any of this resonates with you, then please just stick with nofap. I’m only two weeks in and already having better sex than I’ve ever had. Two weeks ago even the idea of having sex was not enjoyable because of the fear of inadequacy from not being able to get or keep an erection. Now I know I don’t have to fear that anymore and I feel like a brand new man! Thank you nofap and fellow fapstronauts. Without you I know I wouldn’t have made it this far.

Also, yes the urge to fap this morning when I woke up was quite strong. Instead I quickly hopped out of bed and decided to write this!

TL;DR – Have never been able to get a really strong erection for sex, but after almost two weeks of nofap I had amazing sex last night and stayed hard the whole time!

LINK – It works! (My long story inside)

by mymissinged

Further comments on thread:

I’m not sure about any increase in concentration yet. Libido feels strong, but I am trying to be realistic with my expectations. Judging from other people’s stories on here, there seems to be some ups and downs throughout the 90 days. I don’t think I’m in the clear yet. I probably haven’t even gone through the worst of it yet. But I was so excited to already be seeing some good results that I had to share with everyone. Just making it this long without PMO has made me realize I have more willpower than I thought. This is the longest I’ve gone without PMO in as long as I can remember.