Age 30 – More energy, strong desire for real women, more sociable

1 am still a bit short of my longest streak of 78 days.. just to think i could have been on 122 days :(.. nonetheless I’m proud of myself :).

The thing is i binged heavily on porn before i started building this streak.. does anyone think i am able to go up till this point because I’m tired of porn due to my earlier binge?

I say this cos i can’t understand why all of a sudden i hate the thought of porn? normally when i have a fast internet connection, I’m alone, and its getting late i normally indulge in varieties of porn, but now the thought of porn irritates me? hence i suspected that this might have to do with my earlier binge on porn 44+ days ago??..

Some noticeable things are i desire sex with real women more when i am off porn.. i am enjoying music, i have energy!! so much energy!! i can plan to study javascript for once, and i actually execute this time around! i plan to learn about programmable logic controllers and i actually deliver this time. I am more helpful with chores at home.. i am more sociable.. and most of all i am not depressed.. porn is a beast!

LINK – 44 days pornfree, some of my thoughts on benefits

by relapsedagain_30