Age 30 – No more regret, interview for dream job coming up, connecting to others


I have struggled with eliminating porn for about 8 years (I’m 30). About 6 and a half months ago I posted for the first time in this forum. The richness of support, concrete tips, and ideas really catapulted me to achieving this goal. My post was quite transparent, and I was a little afraid that it wouldn’t be well received, but instead I was accepted and given strength to succeed. So honesty basically helps, as long as you use common sense.

Another thing that helped tremendously was light exercise. I already had meditation in my arsenal, and as a long-time practitioner I have many thousands of hours of meditation experience. However, that is really not enough on its own to eliminate bad habits. You need many strategies. I also quit eating meat years ago for Buddhist ethical purposes and found the journey quite similar. Quit for a few days or weeks, then give up and eat meat, then try again. Keep trying!

I can’t say what are just general life improvements and what has directly helped from quitting. Here are the life improvements though: I don’t really feel regret anymore. I am connected to other people. Also, I have an interview coming up for my dream job.

I started it because my friend told me about NoFap and I wanted to try. Eventually it became more about sexual ethics.

So thanks everyone for the tremendous support!

LINK – 6 months pornfree today- things that helped, things that improved

By ApexOfManhood