Age 30 – Panic attacks, anxiety & depression: I am so much better

I am a 30 year old guy based in Delhi, India (see how connected we are on this small planet !!!). Basically I am not a weak and a failure guy… I am well-established, well-earning, belong to a well-to-do family, academically sound and have made up my career after getting through a series of struggles… I was into PMOing since the age of 13… after 23rd year of age, I started experiencing sudden panic attacks of anxiety and depression.

The same started affecting my relations at work and at home as well.. People used to laugh on my back… It happens like, when people get to know about your weakness, they start picking on you in front of others just for the sake of fun and entertainment. Some of my classmates started intimidating me, scaring me and I used to be so perplexed, confused and helpless. I used to weep and used to think that whether I would spend the rest of my life like this..

Appearance-wise I am well-built and have a muscled physique so it was more painful to fathom the fact that you cannot help yourself, anybody can come and make fun of you in public, can shout at you, can abuse you, can even beat you and you would not be able to retaliate…

Guys, I swear on God, this is the worst imaginable condition for any person. PMOing was the way to find solace from all this..

I always used to think that there is a connection between PMO and this wretched anxiety… Just by chance, I could not masturbate for a couple of days…the very next day I started feeling a level of peace, strength and calmness inside my mind and body… On that fortunate day, I googled this thing and landed-up on YBOP…. Thaaaaank God….

It was so good to see so many people dealing with similar problem… I started this No_Fap challenge on that very first day and here I am on 65th day of No-Fap…. Now I feel soooo cool, so confident,,, so energetic, so fearless, ssssoooooo much better than I used to be… Though the anxiety thing has not vanished altogether but the impact has drastically gone down… and the best thing is the awareness I have got,, now I am in control of things..

I know that all this crap was because of this PMO…. Thank u so much YBOP.. You guys have given me a new life…