Age 30s – 10 years of ED. Cured after 51 days.

I developed PIED within a couple years after getting my high speed internet connection 10 years ago. For years I struggled because it would be very tough to get hard enough with a real woman, especially in the beginning, and if there were condoms involved I would lose my erection most of the time in the process of trying to put it on.

I would always return to porn to reassure myself and would get rock hard, especially with my real crack cocaine of porn: webcam shows. This allowed me to rationalize my PIED as just being not attracted to the girl, or some other factor. I tried all kinds of boner pills and for a while with my girlfriend would never have sex unless I had had a strong cup of coffee, taken some arginine or butea superba or maca, and had laid off masturbating for a couple days. It was like i would plan my week around my webcam and PMO sessions to try and perform with her a couple times week – which wasn’t enough for her!

Since becoming abstinent (about 52 days ago with a couple incidents of relapse after 3 weeks, but 30 days straight with no PM now) I noticed IMMEDIATE improvement of my ED. We had sex a couple times a day for the first couple weeks, and now have settled into a nice rhythm of having really satisfying sex 7 to 9 times a week – which is probably pretty close to the number of orgasms I was having with PMO!

In addition, our sex has gotten better because, in spite of the hurt she still deals with from finding out about my secret addiction, she now can feel I am not hiding anything, holding anything back or struggling with the psychological burden of PIED.

It has been gut wrenchingly sad and humiliating to realize that all of my ED experiences when single with hot girls who were totally up for it was DIRECTLY caused by PMO and NOTHING else….I had gone to doctors, taken testosterone supplements etc… It has also been incredibly relieving and empowering to realize I still work great down there as long as I break this nasty hold that cybersex had over my brain.

LINK – my liberating journey OUT of PIED (porn induced erectile dysfunction)

by freedomfromcybersex