Age 30s – ED & DE cured, more social, energetic & confident

Background – Male in early 30ies, addictive personality, fapping addiction, PIED, DE. Had crazy sex life in 20ies, very satisfying in the beginning, but then it got progressively worse as I tried to fap my way out of my excessive sex drive. Sex life in the last year was pretty bad and totally freaked me out, which eventually led me to the discovery of YBOP and NoFap.

Humble beginnings – Went cold turkey immediately upon discovering YBOP, had severe withdrawal symptoms in the first couple of weeks, stuck with it and never relapsed. Eventually the urges went away, I hit a flatline for another few weeks, was a bit worried, but continued hoping that it would eventually go away. I started to read Mark Manson’s “Models” and wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone doing NoFap.

Superpowers – Within the first few weeks I started to feel way more energetic. I was finally able able to concentrate after all these years and not feel crazy tired all the time. My other health issues went away. Simply amazing – I became way more social, started to enjoy talking to people more without having any side intentions, just appreciating their presence and what they had to say. My relationships with others have significantly improved, I started feeling less selfish and more in touch with others and the world around me. Since I had too much energy all of sudden, I started working out. My confidence went through the roof, I just feel fine with myself, knowing my body & mind, my limits, desires, dislikes

Trial by fire – I was always freaking out whether the PIED/DE would go away (or not), since I only got morning wood occasionally during the first 2 months and only came once during sleep. I knew I’d be traveling around a bit and visiting a bunch of my female friends after day 60, so I was fairly nervous to see whether I’m doomed or saved.

Results – Proud to report that I’m cured!!! Some of the amazing things that happened to me:

  • I had absolutely no problems maintaining erection during sex
  • Sex is better than ever, I can fully focus on what I’m doing, feel in control of myself without having to worry about ED or DE, knowing I will cum whenever I feel like it… Yet it doesn’t consume me, it’s just another part of life (a very important one though), a healthy part of a healthy life…
  • For the first few times I had trouble with PE, since I was superexcited. This was not a major problem since then
  • For the first time in my life I came during oral sex
  • 75% of the girls I was with commented/complained about my size, saying I was too big for them (this never happened before), one of them refused anal sex because of my size (damn it!!!). I definitely felt much bigger, amazing
  • Most girls were extremely satisfied and a couple of them thanked me afterwards. Some of them told me during our follow-on sessions that they kept thinking a bout having sex with me all day long and just couldn’t wait to see me again
  • I felt great being around women and getting sexual with them, it was very natural, very peaceful, knowing my body is working the way it’s meant to be.
  • I did not get sexual with few of the girls I saw, I was still in complete control of myself, not disappointed at all, being totally cool with whatever life brought my way, accepting things as they came.

Conclusion NoFap has easily been the biggest life-changing event in my past 10 years. 3 months ago I was lost, doomed, drowsy, tired, unsure about my sexuality and so on. I had huge doubts that I would last those 90 days, but I did it. Now when I look at myself, I’m way more confident, things don’t get to me easily, I’m more than sure about my sexuality and ability to please women and I continuously work on improving myself and relationships with others. It feels great.

Really – fapping isn’t worth it. Life is a precious gift, don’t waste it away jerking off and watching porn, people are beautiful as they are, your world is beautiful as it is, all you need to do is stop looking at the screen (or into your fantasy) and instead look around you!

Good luck fellow fapstronauts, never give up! I’m eternally grateful to this forum for helping me out.

I’ll check this forum from time to time, but unlike the Terminator, I shall not be back!

LINK – 90 Day Report – Thanks NoFap!

by europeanfapstronaut