Age 31 – 60 days: became a Viking in the bedroom!

So today is my 60 days of nofap. A little background on myself. I’m 31, been viewing porn off and on since the age of 14 or so. First it was playboy then around 19 it turned to Internet porn.

I can’t remember how this all started, nofap, but I remember stumbling upon this reddit. I have tried to quit in the past but with little success. I watched a Ted Talk about the biological affects on the brain and was curious. So I decided after consideration of the positive affects to try it out.

So, the first few days were not so bad. Kept myself busy. I also stopped smoking about a week prior to nofap, which today I am 67 days into not smoking.

I’m an active duty Marine, go to college in the evenings (4 days a week), got my finances in check, got drive, goals etc. I consider myself successful with the ladies.

A few weeks into my journey of nofap I started to notice more energy and gusto as I went throughout my day. I felt more confident and a sense of manliness that is hard to describe. I felt I had more time in the evenings to do the things I love. No longer was I sitting in front of the monitor of my pc viewing porn. Even dating someone I would look at porn.

So I meet this woman. We are hitting it off great. One thing is leading to another and I know we are going to have sex soon. I am a little concern because, well I haven’t jacked off in weeks and I’m horny as hell. I kept thinking I am going to last a minute. I even tell her about the nofap and it may be a quickie. Turns out I f&@k like a Viking (her words). lol

I was kind of confused. I mean this chick has an amazing body and I was able to last, not only last but enjoy it.

I’m still seeing her. I am still nofap. I will tell you, I’m always horny but I use that energy in other areas of my life and not release it through porn. I feel more secure around her. I’m more direct with what I want. I have stamina like you wouldn’t believe! I can get a blow job, orgasm, have sex thereafter and possibly orgasm again. I do notice after I hit the gym I lose my erection immediately after orgasm, mostly due to low energy. I’m more attentive to her needs and at the same time not overly dependent on her. I just feel more rounded now that I’m not addicted to porn.

Nofap has also given me more drive and focus at work, with friends etc. I think it can affect many areas in your life positively.

The sex is just mind blowing and I’m in control…I think because I don’t release through fapping my brain/body are more direct and since I know I am not going to release whenever I get the urge I want to enjoy sex while it last. I appreciate it more.

About 4 years ago, I went 4 weeks of no fapping/porn and I remember now it had the same affects. Back then I didn’t really think much of it and regressed to my porn ways. Now I look back and can see a correlation between where I am presently and what I experienced then. Difference is that I am more knowledgeable about the affects of porn and the positive affects of nofap.

Could it be I’m older and wiser, learned how to control my thoughts/breathing while having sex etc. I don’t know, but I do know that nofap has enabled me to live a much more fulfilled life. I feel empowered, focused and damn it feels good to turn my back on that shit.

Thanks to all for your stories and motivation in this reddit. Good luck to you all. I know I have a ways to go but so far I am pleased with the results. If there is anyone on the fence, just go for it. Take back control over your life from porn and live it on your terms.

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TLDR: 60 days nofap, f@&k like a Viking, couldn’t be happier with the results thus far.

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LINK – 60 days nofap: became a Viking in the bedroom!

by 5upernova