Age 31 – 90 days: I’ve been addicted to PMO for 16 years

I was debating with myself whether I should post this report or not, but I remembered that when I first discovered /r/nofap that reading success stories from people like myself was a huge motivator to get on the nofap train. So here it is, I’ll keep it short.

Brief history: I’ve been addicted to PMO for 16 years before I started taking nofap seriously. This is my first time taking the 90 day challenge with /r/nofap.

Changes I’ve experienced over the last 90 or so days.

  • No more shame feeling like I’m living a double life (my nasty private PMO life vs my everyday normal life).
  • I can look people in the eye now.
  • I know I have access to newfound confidence, but I still have to actively initiate it.
  • Broke up with gf because I needed to stop making compromises with myself.
  • Been finding that I can be a lot more open with my sex/addiction history in order to show others the benefits of the nofap-life and get them on board.
  • I’m disgusted by hardcore pornography and what it does to people.
  • I find that I have much greater self-control in general since I’m no longer used to getting things done the quick and easy way all the time (porn).

Changes I have NOT seen.

  • You go through highs and lows, but in order to become a better person, simply cutting out PMO isn’t going to do it.
  • By default I can still revert to a lazy, introverted self. I have to be active in engaging people and my dreams.
  • I’m not immune to triggers. I have to stay vigilant.

My future goals and commitments.

  • Continue to improve myself and my life. Learn how to love myself and be honest with myself.
  • Continue to stay away from triggers.
  • Continue filling my life with goals and ambitions to keep myself busy.
  • Continue to remind myself about how dangerous and debilitating PMO addiction can be.

Biggest piece of advice I can give.

Control your thought life. In my humble opinion, it’s impossible to beat the addiction by simply cutting off external stimuli; it has to be cut off internally. Stop fantasizing. Stop looking at T&A. Stop dreaming about girls and how much you want them – physically or emotionally. Redirect your thoughts at dreaming about your future goals and ambitions and work towards them. It’s a much better use of your time. Learn how to pray, meditate, or lucid dream in order to keep your mind off of unhealthy thoughts before you fall asleep.

TL;DR If you can control your thoughts, you can control your sex drive.

LINK – My 90 Day Report

by Pafonpafon