Age 31 – Best decision I ever made for my sex life

I’m a 31M that has always had a fairly healthy sexual appetite, but never in my life have I relied on porn as much as I have been in the last 3 or 4 years. I have been in plenty of relationships, but when you can have all the beautiful women doing whatever you can imagine, all in high definition and at your fingertips, it’s really hard to resist indulging. I’ve noticed my libido started tanking in my late 20’s. I have been on Propecia for 5 or 6 years, and I attributed it to that (decreased libido is a side effect) as well as just getting older. The thing is, I could get really excited when I watched porn, but it took a lot more to get wound up when I was with a partner.

Long story short, I read some great advice online that suggested cutting out porn. I did this 4 months ago cold turkey, and I can’t believe how much of a difference it’s made. I have random boners all the time like a teenager, sex is mind blowing again, I have such a ridiculous imagination and appetite now.

The worst thing about porn was it was completely desensitizing me to women and sexuality. Having a naked girl in front of me just wasn’t a turn on, because there weren’t three other chicks banging her with dildo’s or whatever. I had to sometimes fantasize about porn to get off when having sex. How fucked up is that? That isn’t healthy!

Don’t misconstrue this for saying that porn is bad. I don’t know how many people this issue might effect. But if you feel your libido has been lacking, you might want to look into your porn habits.

It took about a month to see any positive change. In fact, the first month my libido was almost zero. Then almost overnight, I was thinking about sex constantly, dreaming about it, and I felt like I was just shot full of testosterone!

tl;dr: I quit porn and now my libido is ridiculous.

EDIT HOLY SHIT. I had no idea this would get such a huge response. So many questions, and I will get to them as soon as I get home from work tonight!

LINK – Been off porn for 4 months. Best decision I ever made for my sex life.

by Cytosolic