Age 31 – Best erections ever in my life


I’m 31. Was using P from. 14 to 30. Had no idea how much it’d messed my life up until I realise how much I love my life now.

Didn’t lose motivation no. Felt frustrated every time I went into a flat line etc. But just gotta keep going. Each time your libido comes back it gets stronger. I’m 31, but sometimes I feel hornier than I did when I was 16. It’s never too late.

500 days ago I had the weakest most pathetic excuse of an erection to any P. Now, not only do I have the best erections I’ve ever had in my life, my lust for life, passion for real intimacy, women and ambition for socialising and self confidence is beyond what I thought was possible from myself.

Porn is POISON!!! I’ve found my inner manhood which makes me hunt for intimacy the real way and rewards me modestly and contently. Life feels right. Nofap 4l.

LINK – 500 days nofap = invincibility

By Sinopmo