Age 31 – Clarity of mind, fearlessness, increased motivation, zest for life, I am a better person

I will try to keep this short and sweet. What a great day. I just finished from a night of drinking and partying 7 hours ago and I’ve been up for about 2 hours now. That’s right about less than 5 hours of sleep. Drank 7 beers, 4 shots and no all.. Absolutely amazing. Feeling so energized right now.

I don’t normally drink and didn’t plan on drinking but I decided to go hard last night. Hang out with friends and celebrate.

Everything they said is true. Superpowers! Clarity of mind, fearlessness, increased motivation, zest for life, strength, women noticing you, etc. Most importantly, remember the little things you used to feel amazed as a child but thought you lost as an adult? The no fap journey has helped me realize they were never gone. They’re so beautiful they put me to tears on many occasions.

It has made me into a better person. Made me realize what a slave I’ve been to masturbation and my conflicted views on women, and my previous relationship with them. Deep rooted issues you will face about yourself and truly feeling them and letting go. No longer numbing yourself but ability to work on them. Realizing you weren’t a saint and a victim but part of the cause. All things you need to overcome to be the best version of yourself.

Watch this scene from one of the greatest films of all time and you will see what I felt before no fap and after no fap. Metaphors and symbolism drawn at your own personal conclusion:


Cheers everyone and thank you all for inspiring me to go in this journey. Hope I encourage you all to get on the journey on the way to an amazing life. I am absolutely excited! I will not stop! Let’s all enjoy this amazing life together and propel one another. I don’t think I will ever fap again the rest of my life. This is just the beginning! I love you all!

LINK – Day 90 report. It will change your life. 31 y/o male.

by shivnamurty