Age 31 – ED and married, four flatlines

89 days (well close enough to 90). ED overcome. My story.

I figured it’s close enough to 90 days so I might as well report in.

Background: 31, male, married, been with SO for 6 plus years. Suffered from ED for about 6 months before starting nofap. My initial post and intro:

I discovered that it’s possible to flatline multiple times. I hit 3 flatlines before recovering permanently. First flatline was from days 0-28, second one was from days 31-38, third was from days 47-52.

Since the last flatline my libido has been getting higher and higher. My wife and I did it four times last week. That would have been totally unprecedented six months ago. I feel like I’m in high school again as far as libido and random boners go.

Any secrets? None really. Beyond abstaining from fapping I’ve done the following:

  • Taking multivitamins (vitamin C and fish oil)
  • Exercising 2-3x per week (sometimes I miss this but I try to get physical activity wherever I can. Including in bed. Haha).
  • There are those who say you can’t look at any arousing pictures or read anything that might be a trigger. In the words of a prominent political figure “Malarky!”. I’ve spent plenty of time on r/sex learning stuff since I started nofap and while I’ve gotten plenty of erections from stuff that I’ve seen on there, I don’t let my hand go down there. I save them for my wife. It’s all about self control, and once you have it, you can look at any trigger you want.

For those who are suffering from ED, give nofap a try. It made my sex life way better than I ever imagined it could be.

LINK –  89 days (well close enough to 90). ED overcome. My story.


by shrike46