Age 31 – ED & low libido finally cured: took several months

Nofap didn’t ruin your life. Porn did. Take it from me. I was a horndog all my life until my libido disappeared completely more than 4 years ago. Porn didn’t excite me and I couldn’t keep an erection with my now ex-gf. No interest in sex or life in general and my dick was small and shriveled. All the doctors told me I was fine and that it was all in my head. Began reboot in April 2013 and after 96 days I had sex with a new girl and my ED was worse than ever. Completely dead dick!

Took me 5 months before my erections got better and kept on improving with another girl. I haven’t had sex since May this year but I had a lot of sex between September last year and May this year with the best erections I’ve had in years.

This reboot stuff works but it’s going to take a loooong time for some of us. My natural drive towards women didn’t begin to come back until September this year – almost a year and a half into my reboot!

Stick with it. It’s worth it in the end.

Good luck.


BY – Mr-NoFAp



That’s right. I tried having sex after 96 days of complete abstinence from everything and I failed worse than ever. Somehow I was even deeper in a flatline than I was before I started the reboot. It was with a new girl and though she wasn’t my type, the novelty of the situation should have been enough for me. It was in the past at least. Two months later I’m with another girl and though I don’t have a steel cutter erection it’s close to it and better than its been in years.

The libido part is the worst part and it’s still not there and sometimes it feels like it’s gone forever and other times it feels like it’s just around the corner but I just can’t quite reach it.

I’m 31 years old. Started watching softcore stuff like playboy tv when I started masturbating at 12. Got highspeed Internet and downloaded huge amounts of porn from p2p networks in 2004 and switched to porn forums around 2006-07 and tubesites around ’08-’09 and mainly used those until I quit in ’13. It’s understandable that you want relatable cases and try to see what you can expect but I can tell you from my own experience that that is impossible. I looked and to a degree I still am looking for the person who had the same loss of libido like me and how long it took for them to reboot and I’ve yet to find anyone I can compare myself to. The main reason for this is because no two reboots are alike. No matter how much it sounds like someone is just like you their reboot will progress differently than yours. In my case my progress has been painfully slow and still is. Yours might be much faster than mine. Nobody knows.

My best advice is to join the forum I linked to and start a journal there and follow others journals as well. It will really give you the tools and help that you need in the early part of your reboot.