Age 31 – (ED, PE) Incredible progress. On the road to full recovery.

I haven’t been very active here recently, but given that I have made incredible progress over the last months, I thought it was time for an update. I hope this will encourage some of you to keep going.


  • Until age 24: Great sex life. Frequent PMO.
  • Age 24: First signs of impotence surfaced during a relationship (weaker erections, inability to reach orgasm). Continued PMO. Erections got worse and worse.
  • Ages 24 – 30: “Impotence”. Weak erections. The few times I attempted PIV, erections were weak, PE was frequent, or I had to give up half-way because erections subsided. Long recuperation periods. Continued Fapping, sometimes daily, sometimes a few times a week, always to porn.
  • Age 30: Started serious relationship. Poor erections. Inability to PIV or very poor quality PIV. Decided I need to do something about it.

Current status:

  • Erections nearly back to normal. Hard and pointing upwards at 20 degree angle (used to be closer to 35-45).
  • Haven’t lost an erection during PIV during the last 6 months.
  • Can have PIV twice in a row, with only a short recuperation period. (Haven’t tried more than twice a day because my girlfriend is not up for that.)
  • Girlfriend comments on how hard I get.

My NoFap Journey:

– July 2013. Started NoFap. The counter reflections the day I first started NoFap. (I haven’t reset it because I like to keep a reference of that date. And to be honest, I don’t care too much about what it says.)

– Jul. 2013 – Nov. 2013. No PMO at all. Some PIV, 3-6 times per month, all over one week (long distance relationship). Initially very weak erections, that either ended in PE or disappeared half-way through. Used Cialis at first.

– Nov. 2013 – Jan. 2014. PMOed a few times, maybe 2-3 times a month. (Feel bad every time, but I guess it shows I am still hooked…)

– Jan. 2014 – Mar. 2014. Moved together with my girlfriend. Have PIV 4-6 times a week, no issues, but erections still feel soft. Fapping 1-2 times per month. – Mar. 2014 onwards. Very hard erections. Close to normal. Fap about 2 times a week, but I see a clear negative correlation between that and the strength of my erections, so trying to eliminate Fapping again.


– Continue NoFap, but get more serious about it again, in order to achieve the small remaining path to recovery.

Changes I made since starting NoFap: (I don’t know which ones of these have had any impact, but these are some things I am aware of that might have affected the progress.)

– Nutrition: No major changes. Stopped consuming protein shakes. Eat a little more seafood and some more fruits. But basically still eat whatever I want, including junkfood.

– Exercise: I used to do weights a lot and kept that up. Don’t do cardio, but do walk a lot more than I used to (I guess that substitutes for cardio).

– Sleep: sleep more hours per night and more regularly.

Hope you find this motivating. Happy to respond to any questions.

LINK – [31][M] Incredible progress. On the road to full recovery.

by  Foseja