Age 31 – From total 100% PIED to super hard and successful orgasm during BJ


I’ll start by giving a little info about me and my situation and hopefully it can encourage and give hope to others. I am 31 and have had PIED for probably 10 years. I had great sex for years but porn took over and it eventually left my dick broken. It ruined the best relationship I’ve ever had with the girl of my dreams… I just couldn’t get hard for her and honestly didn’t care because I could always run to porn.

Well she eventually left me and I continued to abuse porn. I was PMOing sometimes 3-4 or more times a day but at least 2 times a day for years and years. Brain fog, apathy no drive and all the classic symptoms were there. Finally I had another limp dick experience with a gorgeous girl and I decided that was enough.

I decided that PMO is no longer an option for me and I made a point of not counting the days once I had passed 3 or 4 days. I’m now about 50 days and change in and I honestly cannot believe it! I didn’t relapse once. I went through a slight flatline around 2 weeks in and stayed in for maybe 2 weeks. I had a wet dream just before I went flat.

That brings me to tonight. I won’t get into the details but I had a girl give me a blowjob and holy shit! It was amazing. I used to have to fanaticize about porn during a blowjob and I still couldn’t stay that hard and never could I cum from one. I would always have to finish myself by jacking off. Tonight I didn’t even have an opportunity to think about porn.. it felt so amazing there just was no need. I had a super hard dick and came once.

Took a bath with the same girl and my dick got hard again. She sucked me off again and I was able to cum. 2 successful blowjobs, erections and ejaculations in maybe an hour.. what a weight lifted off my shoulders. I was probably about as bad as it gets when I came to dead dicks.

The key is to not relapse at all I think. Don’t touch your dick in any sexual manner and of course drop porn completely. Sorry to ramble but I want you guys to know, if I can do it I promise you can too! No I realize I haven’t had actual penetrative sex just yet and that’s the true test I think. But I don’t care. This tells me my brain is healing.

I might go into another flatline from the sudden O but man it really is nice to know that my dick/brain is healing. I do feel the chaser effect but porn completely disgust me now. If anyone has any advice for me it would be great appreciated and I hope others having similar issues to mine can be excited that it is something you can beat!!

LINK – From total 100% Pied to successful O during Bj!! 53 days

by Dontjacketoff