Age 31 – Nofap works. I suggest reading why and how.

Nofap works. I suggest reading why and how. So 90 days ago was the last time I had PMO and that feels awesome. I’m in this for life so I intend to keep fighting. Here are some benefits and tips.


  • Way I view other sex: Once I decided that women are not tools give me pleasure and that I will not think about them like that (aka nofap), I have realized how beautiful they are and enjoyed even more being with them without any ulterior motives.
  • More energy and confidence: I have always been productive and well-liked but it surprised me how much I have improved on these two avenues. I guess knowing I’m able to do something really difficult most people wouldn’t even consider trying has shown me that I really can achieve anything I want.
  • Realising life is not all about sex: Even though sometimes it seems like everyone else thinks so. Look around the society and advertisements. Listen stories of your friends when they have been at the bar. Far too often the thing that motivates people and adjust their thoughts is sex. Once you control your desires, you find out you don’t have to follow them but instead you can do what you want.
  • (Relationship with God: I finally admit it around here, I am Christian and quite serious about it when it comes around issues of faith. I do not think God hates us because of masturbating but that our sexuality is designed for something so much better. Why I haven’t talked about it around here is that I have enough reasons to stop fapping even without. And not all of us share the same faith so I try to support with things and points we all have in common. Still I have felt that quitting PMO and fapping has improved my spiritual life as well. If you think praying does not hurt, it just might help.)


  • Start today, not tomorrow: I already had 22 days streak going when I relapsed last time and it is frustrating to think that I would have been there at 90 days three weeks earlier hadn’t I relapsed that one last time. Every day counts so don’t waste this one.
  • Do not edge: Just don’t do. If you want your brain to reboot, you need to stop masturbating, not just orgasming. Simple as that.
  • Not every day is a cakewalk: Remember, there are bad days as well. And days when urges wipe the floor with you. But it is important that even then you don’t give up. Remember “no situation is so bad you can’t make it worse with fapping”. Memorise this sentence and repeat it when necessary. Next day you are going to be thankful for not fapping or regret that you relapsed, it is up to you. Give up short-term comfort for long-term benefits, that is what nofap is all about.
  • Use that extra time and energy: I have said many times: only once you stop fapping, you realize how many moments you have during the day where a quick fap would fit. Turn these in to your advantage by doing something productive or improving yourself in some way.
  • Don’t just not fap: When I started, I simultaneously overhauled many parts of my life. Taking cold showers wake you up and give you feeling you can beat the world. And they kill urges when those hit. Exercising every morning makes you more fit. Start with small: doing something, however little, is infinite times better than doing nothing. Also changed my diet to include more protein (quark, beans, etc.) and vegetables and less fat and red meat. I still eat junk food every now and then but my food has gotten healthier in general.
  • Get active (around nofap): Encouraging others reminds you why we are doing this. Sometimes I’m too busy to come around for a week or so but whenever I have extra time, I try to check new posts and if there are no replies, I post something helpful or encouraging. They are not original ideas, most of the time I reuse my own thoughts as well, but good ideas need to be repeated so that we will remember them when needed.

I wish you all great journey. Life is an adventure and you can live it to the fullest.

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by Epiphant