Age 31 – Productivity soared, I feel supercharged, relationships better

The last time I had come this far was in May-June. I did some occasional edging at that time.

However, this current 50 day streak- it was almost perfect – No porn, no masturbation, no looking at NSWF pics, no edging (actually I am lying – somewhere around day 30 the urge was strong and i touched myself down there once 🙂 but did not edge).

And this is the first time I have gone 50 days Hardmode (no sex and no orgasm). This was not by choice, but by design (I haven’t been lucky with chicks in the last 2 months – have had few dates but never successfully taken them to bed). I am OK with that, I am happy regardless.

Today I feel so full of life and purpose.

Here are the benefits I have experienced in the past 50 days

  • writing my goals down in the morning everyday
  • My productivity at work has soared (started working at a new job)
  • Gone on few dates. The last girl I went on a date, I have made out and even taken to my bedroom but she was not ready to have sex. I am Ok with that
  • Read so many books
  • Learnt new skills in Internet Marketing.
  • Working out consistently (average 3 to 4 times a week)
  • Got a brand new client for my part-time business – have become aggressive with money- taking more risks
  • investing in stocks
  • The girl I am seeing I might end up dating.
  • Relationship with family has been better

I feel supercharged – and I don’t want to stop at 50 – I want to see how my life would turn out when I hit 100.


Have a Successful life..

I am 31. Multiple benefits – the time I used to spend on porn now I spend on improving myself – reading,meditation,etc. Also I am going to bed early.

The Chaser effect is definitely there. I was away for few days so no time for porn, however, last night I relapsed again. So I am getting back on the wagon again.

LINK – 50 Days and still standing 🙂

by iamthesage


UPDATE – My 1 Year Report (Long post- pls bear with me)

I discovered this seddit a year ago on **December 8th 2013. It has been a lit bit over a *year** since I started the journey.

I am very grateful for this seddit and the people here.

Synopsis – I have had a few long streaks (99, 50 ,45 35,17,15 days).

-Atleast 275 days out of the 365 I did not fap(ejaculate) or watch porn. That’s almost 75% of the days I was spending doing productive things.

  • Thanks to this forum I discovered cold showers. I have been doing it every morning. It changes my state and focus
  • Productive in multiple areas of my life. I am a forward moving organism.
  • Porn does not do anything for me. The last time I fapped was end of my 99 day streak. I watched porn and I could not even get it up. It was not stimulating.
  • The 1st streak I was edging every day. Then I learnt it was a slippery slope. The recent long streaks I hardly edge. What’s the fucking point?
  • I have had sex 13 times with 6 different women (not boasting) in this period. This is the most sex I have had in my life. Yes I am 30 years old. In the first 29 years of my life I have had sex only 3 times.

I am not a player or something like that- I am just happy I am making progress.

  • I have saved countless hours – instead of watching porn – I am doing tons of useful stuff.
  • I have read almost 20 books in this year. I have become more knowledgable and smarter

Guys thank you creating this. The future can only get better. It looks bright. I thought I was doomed to my daily masturbation habit. Now I can control that motherfucking addiction. I am the master not my dick. I own it…

If you are new to this, or have been struggling – trust me – I have been there too. Just stick to the process. Progress will come. I don’t think I have got superpowers yet. But life is far better. I am a more mature man.

I love you all.. Let’s go rule this fucking world!!

Stop fapping, Stop porn, Stay hungry, keep winning.



UPDATE – 90+ Day Report

I started this current streak on May 9th. (On Day 92 today) I have had many successful streaks in the last 2 years. The highest being 99 days.This time I want to raise my standards. I am pretty excited to submit this report. Overall this has been a good streak, and I look forward to getting it to 180 days.

Here are the lessons learnt It gets easier over time – The first time I started NoFap – I remember the first streak was very very difficult. I felt extreme urges, and I was edging every day. It was 18+ years of bad habits that I needed to break away from. Then every time I reset my streaks improved in quantity and quality. This current streak I haven’t edged at all. Also, not once did I have an urge to check out porn.

Pre-occupy yourself with lots of positive things – I have been reading 2 hours a day because of my commute to work. I workout first thing in the morning. I have been eating healthy. I am at a new job. I am writing a lot. Overall the quality of life has been steadily improving. I am constantly occupied with accomplishing my goals. Boredom is the devil. The more bored you are the more time you spend on the Internet, and you go into a downward spiral. And boom before you realize it you have relapsed. Prevention is better than cure. Trust me

You always need support – I come to this sub-reddit almost everyday. I read other’s challenges, struggles and success stories. It motivates me. It is hard to do it alone. Your real-life friends think you are crazy not to masturbate. They think it is normal to masturbate. Yes it is normal if you are 15 years old, not when you are 30 years old. If you are over 30 and you still masturbate, you need to be on r/NoFap.

Urges never go away – this past week my urges have been very high. And it is summer. If you live in a big city – there are hot girls everywhere and it is impossible not to notice. You don’t need to be a saint, it is normal to be attracted and aroused by women. Urges are natural. You are biologically wired to think about sex. However, don’t let the urge take over your actions. Accept the urges, smile – thank the urge. Then move on with the day.

1 more day – I am doing an exercise program where the instructor has taught us to hang in for 1 more second.”Whenever your body is telling to quit, just say 1 more second, and trust me after that 1 second you will want to do more”. Whenever you feel the urge, say to yourself “1 more hour, 1 more day”. Soon that 1 day adds up to another week, another month, heck another year.

You can do it Others have done it numerous times. So can you.

Thanks for reading. Stay strong. The best is yet to come. I look forward to getting to 180 days.


It is an amazing feeling to hit triple digits for the first time ever. I started this journey in Dec 2013, and I have had numerous ups and downs – some long streaks- but this is the best streak ever – 100 days.

The last time I came close was in the Fall of 2014. I came close. And I slipped on the 99th day. Can you fucking believe it? 1 day short of 100 and I relapsed. I was fucking depressed and it was downhill from there.

Finally hit that mark and I intend to continue till Day 180.

Highlights of the current steak 1. No edging, no masturbation, no porn – Nada, nothing, Not even a single peek, I haven’t even watched YouTube videos that would usually cause a trigger.

  1. Improved fitness- I have been doing Insanity (Home exercise) program for the past few months, and have seen great physical changes. Eating healthy, exercising.
  2. Got a new job towards the beginning of this streak. It has been the best job I have ever had. I was going through a dark phase – emotionally and financially, and NoFap has given me the confidence to overcome that.
  3. Focusing on my writing. I have been writing a lot- reddit, my blog, and over the last couple of months I have become a good writer (lots of room to grow).
  4. Approaching girls – Initially I found it very difficult with the urges, there were girls everywhere, it is summer and my urges were hard. I just hung in there. My confidence level was low at the beginning. Over the last week my confidence has started to grow. I approach girls once in a while – sometimes it goes well, other times it does not. But I am happy with just the effort. I am not looking to date now as I am focusing on work goals.
  5. Looking Younger – I didn’t believe in most of the claims about superpowers- I thought this was a placebo effect. Who fucking cares? It still works. I notice the dark circles under my eyes have gone. I look younger than 3 months before.
  6. Voice starting to change – Once again I was skeptical in the beginning. In the last week, I noticed that my voice has got a little stronger. Hard to describe, but I can feel the difference.
  7. Cold Showers everyday – I have been doing this for the past year. I would have never learnt about this , if it was not for NoFap. I have no intention of going back to Warm showers anymore. Why waste time in the shower, when you can use that extra time to do useful things?
  8. Greater motivation and clarity – I no longer waste time in useless pursuits (porn, craigslist,tinder), I spend that time on improving myself. Have started learning Portuguese on Duolingo. Reading a lot, and my motivation at work is through the roof.
  9. Just Happy – I find myself just happy, I am smiling more often. People always say that I have a great smile but I am very serious. I just feel blissful in general.

NoFap has been one of the best things I have found out on Reddit. I am only at 100 days- I have a long way to go. I intend to make this a lifetime habit.

Guys, if you are skeptical or new to this, just stick with the process- the journey is totally worth it. If you are seriously motivated to improve your life, just fucking do this.

The best is yet to come…..

LINK – 100 Days – My Personal Best


I am on Day 50 today – last time I fapped was on July 2nd. This is the second time I have reached the 50 day milestone in 2016. It feels great. This streak has been the greatest. I have recently become more confident in talking to girls. I have had sex, made out with a couple. Also have been confidently asking girls out for their numbers and for dates.

I can’t wait to see what the results will look like when I hit Day 90 and beyond.

And cold showers are not a big deal anymore. I do it everyday. It is a part of who I am.

Another important benefit – I no more browse mindlessly. If I come across something I immediately switch it off. I know my weakness and I know my triggers. For example, today I was watching a funny video link that showed on reddit frontpage. I saw that video on YouTube, and then clicked on the user profile. Some of the videos were explicitly nude pictures. (It’s funny how YouTube allows nudity if it is in the name of science- I am not giving you further details because I don’t want you to go check it out lol).

Feeling good overall. There are some roughdays, some days I feel the flatline. Some days I feel massive boners. I am happy 🙂

LINK – My Highest Streak of 2016 (Again):)