Age 32 – 12 step approach, new business, new relationship, new life

Back in 2012 december I made a decision to stop watching porn for an entire year. within 3-4 months of trying I went to thailand and I was intimate with many girls over board, then i slowly went back to porn. In 2013 I made another strong determination and I had much struggle, but miraculously I was alb ego go about 8 months without any porn or masterbation even.

But never less, I still relapsed and this time i even went back to my favourite form of masterbation which was with drugs and alcohol mix.

This lead me to intense depression, I noticed every 3 months I would relapse, and would give mysel this “cruise time” to watch porn ect.

Then this year April 2014. I made a decision, that I am going to do whatever it takes. I had in my heart the idea to do this thing called 12 steps, but I always thought its not for me because i didn’t think of myself as any major addict and always thought (and knew) that i can stop with my self control.

It wasn’t until i became so honest with myself, and decided for me its NOT ok to watch porn every few weeks and months. Its NOT ok to do drugs EVER… its NOT ok to not be achieving success as the level of other people who i know who are less talented than me.

This lead met o ask for my friend who has finished 12 step coaching and he was kind enough to help me for free on Skype and through email.

I started to apply the ideas… To be honest it was pretty strange and I had much doubt, but the results were pretty quick. I started to see change in how i was handling the temptations. All of a sudden it was like I was under this CLOUD of protection.

I didn’t HATE porn, i just some how didn’t need to see it, other activities took its place. I started to focus on my business (online publishing) and my training really took off. Decided to get ready for a fitness show and worked really hard at the gym.

I set aside the idea of any women, until  I was complete with my 12 step. Something in my heart said that If i do this I will be blessed with a loving girl friend that I always wanted to have.

I also was seeing another girl during then, which was only for sex but i didn’t feel much emotions or didn’t see myself wanting to be with her.

So I made some bold moves. I started the 12 steps. I deleted all the drug buddies from phone, I deleted contacts from girls I didn’t like to see. and I told them kindly that I choose not to continue with this with respect.  I had lonely nights on saturday and fridays where I felt urge to go out and party where I knew there will be girls and drugs and sex but through the gift of 12 step some how The temptation was not strong enough, and the PROMISE was stronger in my heart.

This promise was a new experience in life that I NEVER NEW.

This promise was a sense that something really really good is going to happen to me that I DO NOT even know or imagine.

How I knew this promise? Let me take you on a quick tangent from my story…

Ok back in the day about 8 years ago I used to a lot of drugs, such as ecstasy and cocain ect.. and i had a lot of fun with those drugs. However, after a while the experience gets boring. Its all the same parties, same people, and the body gets more and more depressed, then after stopping the drugs within 3-5 years, my life took off in a new ways, I started to become so much more confident, travel more and experience new ways of being in the world. I experienced a life that I never EVER IMAGINED.

SO having said that fast forwarding to recent event, I had this idea that when I quit an addiction there is a new reality that I JUST CAN NOT IMAGINE RIGHT NOW.

OK so what is the big deal and why am I going CRAZY with so much caps?

Here is what has happened in my life.

PLEASE do not think I’m being arrogant or egoic or trying to IMPRESS YOU

I am NOT. I want you to be INSPIRED by my story. You have a choice right now, you can HATE or you can CHOOSE TO believe this too can happen to you.

Here is what happened next.

From april 2014 until today I have not SEEEN or TOUCHED porn OR Masterbated. NOT EVEN ONCE.

I thought this is a fluke until my family who i live with LEFT ME ALONE for 3-4 weeks, and I was put on a real test to see if i would go back to porn. Being alone before was the most tempting thing for me before but some how DID NOT RELAPSE.

In the past 6 months I have had some MIRACLES taking place in my life.

1) BODY TRANSFORMATION: I have always been fit, and I know how to get lean fast, so this may seem like not a big deal. BUT LET ME TELL YOU. I have experienced such a powerful transformation that was as good OR BETTER than the days that I was doing anabolic steroids.

I have videos on this topic, as i ued to do steroids 6 years ago, this year, during the time of FREE from porn and masterbation, I have changed my body in a miraculous way. Pictures on my Facebook.

2) CONFIDENCE AND CHARISMA: I have considered myself always confident, but to be honest the past 6 months my confidence took a new form. Its a feeling of LOVE and good will towards others. I talk to many girls and there is nothing sexual or selfish in them, I see many girls who are in to me and I’m just not interested because I know they do not meet my standards.

3) CAREER: After 15 month since coming back from my travels from asia,  i was really struggling for some time, This past 4 months my online business finally took off. I am now making about $60 to 100$ PASSIVE income, which means about 2000$ to 3000$ Per month. Now i know this is not huge compared to my friends who make 65K per month but let me tell you I’m ON FIRE< so excited about my life because now I can finally get out of DEBT and be free!

4) LOVE OF MY LIFE: OK i kept the best and most amazing miracle for last. On September 19th 2014, I attended a seminar called MILLIONAIRE MIND in alberta. I met this girl AMAZED me with her heart and her incredible charisma. I see beautiful girls every where, but let me tell you this girl is INCREDIBLY HOT and KNOWS how to dress. Long story short, she is EXACTLY what I dreamed about, nails done, young, attractive. GET THIS, she wakes up the same time as me (520am) she reads the same book as me ( 16 laws of success), she is HOT and Good looking, and fits perfect in my arms.

Long story short We are now together, she is officially my girl friend and the first girl I was intimate with since april 2014. First time having any type of sexual contact. No masterbation, no sex, UNTIL I met her and its been the most incredible experience.

I love to be able to tell her “I LOVE YOU” while im having sex with her. this is something i never ever could o before, because I was always in shitty relationships based on sex and casual stuff.

So there, I now have my body, my wealth and my love, all within 6-7 months since april 2014.

I WANT YOU to please do not think I’m showing off. I didn’t want to post this but i had this inner calling to share my joy with you.

I KNOW in my heart that ANY ONE can do the same result. The steps are there.

Here is the best part, I gave FREE coaching to another guy (24 year old) from india and he was off porn for about a month but relapsed because he didnt follow through…

Then I gave coaching to another guy (72 years old from USA) and he successfully STOPed watching porn. He had a few relapses but his life has turned around now. He did so well that he is now coaching another student who i did not have time to coach personally.

So I am here to share this message. there is such a thing as 12 steps.

I know it is a spiritual path and some of us are not religious or spiritual, but let me assure you YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BELIEVE IN ANY THING, you just have to be open minded and be WILLING to do whatever necessary.

I like to make a BOLD invite, that you think about this post, IF you feel in you heart I am full of shit, just ignore this, BUT if you really CAN TELL that I’m being HONEST with you and I want NOTHING but your freedom, please try this.

The 12 steps WORK.

The results are MIRACULOUS.

I am just so excited and grateful.

If you have any questions please email me at [email protected] Or you can add me to Facebook at SEANPISTEWART

I won’t be checking this post much but i may in a few days thanks a lot!


By – SelfControl2013