Age 32 – 500 days: erectile dysfunction

500 days ago during my 31st year, started my NoFap journey. I was having some ED issues,. Without knowing about r/NoFap, I went 7 days without fapping. ED was a little better. I looked to the web for answers. I came across the site YourBrainOnPorn. It led me here.

I never got into weird UltraPorn, but I certainly have wasted hours. Right before I became a fapstronaut, I went on a 5 hour edging binge.

I took in the posts. People all around the interwebs who were in the same boat. Some were about super powers. I did not receive any. No super-vision that made any girl drop her pants. At about day 7 (of 500) on the chaser effect, I do remember blatantly making eye contact with girls and catching them noticing. My former “too high standards” syndrome had disappeared. The range of girls has that I find attractive since then has increased from the artificially small circle brought about by watching too much porn. This confirmed many others’ experiences.

I have viewed porn several times over the past 500 days. Often, I would watch a minute or two and decide that it’s gross. Occasionally, I would watch more, get an erection, but then I would stop. Once or twice I would sub-edge, which I define as a little fapping but no where near an O. I know some might declare it a fap, but I chose to define it as allowable. My viewing of porn was tremendously reduced from a daily activity to once or twice a month.

This willpower translated to other parts of my life. I work out 4 times a week, and I am now the strongest that I have ever been. I speculate this comes from the testosterone boost. Additionally, I have reduced my body fat some after lowering the carb amount in my diet.

Morning wood returned, but it is not always there. On occasion, however, I can will myself to a boner during the day handsfree. I am very jealous of those that have had wet dreams. This has never happened for me!

As an anecdotal medical issue, my anal fissure problem (like hemorrhoids) has been eliminated. From what I read online, excessive tightness in the anal sphincter can cause them when passing stool. I believe that NoFap has eliminated this.

My lifestyle has changed. I am doing more things outside of my apartment. This has helped in my game. My dirty dancing skills are up. I have had more success with women than I’ve ever had during these 500 days. I do not, however, have super powers. Mind you, I am a very conservative person behaviorally. For the first time in my life, I have had a few chicks come on to me, which is more than ever before.

I have hooked up a few times. I had the natural PE after the the droughts due to NoFap. Sometimes, I wanted the sex, but I had some ED because I was not truly into the girl. The other times, after the first 2-3 O’s I calmed down a good balance which made for good sexytimes. I believe that I am running into a natural variation of sexual response.

There was definitely a chaser effect after the hookups which is similar to the first seven days. Luckily, I was able to resist fapping.

I still have a lot of work to do when it comes to game. Getting the girls that I want instead of the ones that present themselves.

I am considering completing my NoFap journey. I think that two faps a month might be a good balance between strategic natural testosterone boosts (for working out). Perhaps utilizing the chaser effect might be helpful when going out on the weekends for eye contact. Absolutely without porn.

I have not visited very often since the beginning. I want to thank you guys for all the inspiration.

LINK – Day 500, Fapstronauts!

by 55Chill