Age 32 – 60 days Fapfree and I have never been happier.

2 Months! I never thought I’d be here.. I mean – I never thought in my life, that I would be celebrating a milestone like this. But here I am.. 60 days Fapfree and I have never been happier.

Truthfully, it wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be. I grew up watching porn and fapped for over 20 years (I’m 32) .. the first few days were tough.. had to show a ridiculous amount of self-control. Then I flat-lined for probably 2 weeks, but it seemed like forever – no sex-drive, no erections.. it was dead. Then I started having these fantasies around week 3-4 and started to get the morning wood again.

Then I met somebody and we have been dating for the last 4 weeks. She’s 29 and a beautiful person. Caring, thoughtful, affectionate.. and we’re crazy about each other. I’ve actually never felt more in love with somebody, EVER. I told her that I stopped masturbating and don’t watch porn anymore, and told her the reasons why. She was impressed and seemed almost more attracted to me after that. I told her that, in a way, all of my sexual energy would be for her.. and it would make things that much better for us. The sex has been incredible and I can’t imagine NoFap didn’t have some part of that.

I’m at the point now where I can find myself online, at a website with X-rated advertising, and not be affected by it.. AT ALL. I would see it, and keep on scrolling.. no urges, no impulses. When I’m out, I’ve noticed more women checking me out, and found that talking to women seemed easier, but that’s just my experience.

Superpowers.. I believe this is a dangerous line of thinking. I mean if you’re here looking for and expecting to find these crazy benefits, then you might be setting yourself up for disappointment. They are relative to the person and every experience is clearly different. If you go through this and don’t find any of the ‘benefits’ others are experiencing, remember it’s all relative. Just remember that benefits are a by-product.. the main focus should always be abstaining from porn and/or masturbating. Let the rest come naturally and don’t force it.

The last 60 days has just flown by and I’m looking forward to everyday of this new life, with my new partner and building something amazing with her.

LINK – Thank You NoFap (Day 60 report)

by Jaronto