Age 32 – Chronic ED: maintained erection during sex for first time in 8 years

Just want to say thanks to this forum and everyone on it. Using a throwaway account but a regular lurker on reddit and I stumbled across this forum a few months back. Tried a few times to break the cycle and finally made some progress with 34 days now since I fapped. Have been prescribed cialis by my doctor for years even though im only 32 years old.

Have been dating a great girl for a few months. She doesnt know about the reason for my ED, just that I have it every now and then (ie when I dont have tablets on me or forget to take them).

Then last night fooling around in bed and low and behold im hard as a rock and we have sex twice. First time in as long as I can remember that happening to me. It could be the result of the cialis reteaching my junk what to do but this is unlikely as ive been using it off and on for years so much more likely its because of avoiding porn like the plague.

In summary I feel like a new man and owe it all to you people for teaching me what PIED even was and how to slowly defeat it.

A million thanks

LINK – Chronic PIED suffered who maintained erection for first time in 8 years

by No_FapThrow1