Age 32 – Delayed Ejaculation & ED are gone, better mind clarity

Delayed Ejaculation is gone. I can finish nearly every time I have sex. I was somewhat nervous when I had sex for 4 consecutive days, but there was no difficulty about coming. On the opposite, it got easier as we go, and easiest on the fourth day. However, this is still improving, I had difficulty a month ago, I’m better now, and I could still get better controlling it.

  • ED is gone. In the first 40-45 days, I had ups and downs. Now, I consistently get it up and keep it like that when needed. My partner is very happy about me initiating sex after having 4 years of boredom. I enjoy real sex with a real woman now more than most things in life.
  • Better mind clarity. Started a new extra job and I am also now able to focus on difficult topics for a longer time without getting confused or bored. This could sound funny but I feel like nofap is also helping me make more money. Nofap makes a man/woman more focused, calm and dedicated.

Some difficulties faced:

  • I mandatorily went cold turkey for the first 20 days because I went on a business trip. This helped me realize how valuable my partner is and how you crave for sex when you decide to not fap to pixels.
  • The urges still do not pass easily. It may be even harder than before nofap. In nofap, there are several threads talking about how strong the desire for sex. Probably it’s the strongest urge in humans. Lucky the guys who have a partner supporting them in the process.

LINK – After 64 days (32M)

by fapmat