Age 32 – ED: Had sex for first time last night: Stayed hard: miracle. #nofapshitworks

Felt fucking whoa. Stayed hard: miracle. #nofapshitworks stick with it bro. I’m pretty relieved and excited… still need to not forget what got me here and stay off PMO.

A year ago when I started this journey, I was limp as a soggy noodle with a hot HOT girl. After the shame, I spent all day researching which led me to YBOP and nofap. Thankful for how it worked out but… NEVER want that to happen again.

I think it also helped that it was a very intimate lovemaking time with a trusted and patient partner. She knows about my P addiction issues and PIED… We even talked about it before and after. Helped a lot.

LINK – Had sex for first time last night. 3am

by BrainChangin90



Man, I’m starting hard mode AGAIN today. Have been at nofap since March, with a couple decent streaks. I’m ten years older than you and, like you, told myself is never continue with P past about age 22. Well, a decade on from that and have been still sunk in this hell. My symptoms are:

  1. social anxiety — gone when on streak
  2. PIED
  3. DE, sometimes PE
  4. insomnia (except when on streaks)
  5. depression, binge drinking to numb my conscience and quiet the dark thoughts

My advice? Do absolutely everything you can NOW to leave off this destructive behavior as a thing of the past. For real, you don’t want to be battling the shit in your 30s