Age 32 – (ED), married: 180 day report ED

I was a prisoner of the PMO cycle, and I came across nofap when I started having ED problems in bed. To make things extra stressful, my wife and I were trying to have kids. Not having sex was not an option and I needed to change. When I began nofap, I struggled to just get it up with my wife, or maintain an erection long enough to orgasm…now, when my wife is ovulating, I have sex about just about every day for the entire week.

Those of you who have been in a relationship with the same woman for about 10 years know that’s impressive. On top of everything, the sex is much more enjoyable for both of us.Again, for more details on my journey, please ready my older posts and reports. Since this will be my last post, I want to give you guys a few tips that really helped me get to where I am:

1) Meditation – Set aside as little as 5 minutes a day (morning works best for me) to slow things down and find inner peace. Make sure you are meditating in a room where you will not be disturbed. Even if you are, it’s not the ned of the world…just continue to relax. Focus on your breath and try to empty your mind of everything else. It may be difficult at first, but you will get better. I typically wake up 10-15 minutes before my wife to get in my daily meditation. If I have an opportunity to do meditate in the afternoon, it’s a bonus. There is a good deal of information on the internet that can help you get into meditation.

2) Diet – Eating clean and healthy made a big difference for me. I focus on making raw, uncooked fruits, vegetables and nuts the main staple of my diet. I eat meat, but I try to consume very little throughout the week. I saw the biggest difference when I switched to a gluten-free diet. I know many people have no problems with gluten and if that’s the case, eating cleaner will probably do you just fine. For me, cutting it out of my diet was HUGE. This change resulted in increased energy, greater focus and the loss of about 10 pounds in the first two weeks. It’s a pain in the ass since you have to say no to bread, pasta and beer. Gluten is also in many processed foods, but it’s worth it. Again, there’s a ton of information on the internet about going gluten-free.

3) Sex Without Orgasm – I now practice Karezza with my wife. That means I have sex but I do not orgasm. You are essentially “edging” with your partner. A lot of men think this is crazy, but if you try it you will find it to be very satisfying. You gain an increased desire for your partner, have more energy (just think how you feel after you cum!) and just feel better about yourself. As I mentioned above, when my wife is ovulating, we have sex every day and in that period I am cumming every day. I am absolutely DRAINED after that week and need a few days to recuperate. This is essentially a Sexual Hack…use it to your advantage.

4) Read This Book – The Tao of Health, Sex, and Longevity by Daniel Reid. All that time you would have spent masturbating can be used to improve yourself and get a better understanding of your body. The book is not religious and more of a practical guide to improve your health, life and sex. It was written by a westerner for a western reader. Many of the things I read are techniques talked about on these discussion boards to help guys get their regain their libido and erection strength…meditation, breathing exercises, kegles, abstaining from fantasizing about sex/women, diet, semen retention, etc…are all covered and discussed at length.

I wish you all luck.

LINK – 180 Day Report…My Last Report

by KSunrise01

He answers a question

I’m not sure about the married vs. single question. I can tell you I didn’t really relate to the typical single guys that post here. I saw they were typically looking to improve their social confidence, deepen their voices, increase testosterone, pull more girls, etc. I was just looking to get my libido back and improve my sex life.My wife was cool at first. I told her I came across YBOP and that I thought this was the root of my ED/desire problem. She was relieved since she was thinking that I wasn’t attracted to her anymore. Midway through she was frustrated, made a few remarks here and there and opened up about being a bit disgusted that I was watching so much porn without her knowing. Then when things improved all was forgotten and forgiven. She is happy that I did nofap since it was to her benefit as well. All things considered, she was supportive throughout the process.

Good Luck…keep your eye on the prize.