Age 32 – Serious ED cured, mild anxiety & depression cured

91 days ago I started NoFap. the day I started was the last one in a 16-years-lasting PMO-career. Now I am 32 years old. I started NoFap to cure myself from ED and PE, to stop wasting my time on PMO and to cure mild anxiety and mild depression.

This is where I started: I have been suffering from ED and PE for 14 years. My ED has been very serious. No Meds worked for me. Not Viagra, not cavernous-body-auto-injection. Official diagnosis: venous leakage. No hope for healing. The Doctor told me about Penis-Prothesis.

But I never gave up hope. All my hope based on the fact, that a combination of viagra and Ixense (based on the dopamine (!!!)-antagonist apomorphine) caused at least to some degree an erection for a short time.

When I read YBOP, especially the part about dopamine, I knew that I had found my cure!

day 1 – day 55

The first 7 days of NoFap (HardMode) have been very difficult for me. After day 7 I entered flatline and my dick felt like it was dead. The flatline lasted until day 24. Since day 24 I had Erections every night and every morning. Rock-hard! Something I did not experience for more than 14 years! I stopped hardmode some days later and during sex I came from just licking my girlfriend! I felt like 13 yo again… On day 46 I got a rockhard erection while cuddling in a cold pool! Since then my ED is cured!!! Again… 14 years ago Doctors wanted to remove my cavernous-body and to implant a prothesis!

Never give up! If there is a cure for a serious ED like mine, there is a cure for yours too! Stay strong, keep trying, don not edge, do not fantasize!

day 55 – day 91

During the summer holiday anxiety came back. I had been without meds for 7 month. And with anxiety the urges came back. My body was carving for porn and edging. But it was not as worse as it used to be. So NoFap must have changed something to the better!

Unfortunately I edged a bit while reading erotic storys (DON’T DO IT! IT MAKES THINGS WORSE!)

So I began to question myself, what could be the reason for the feelings of anxiety after 7 month without meds, after alot of socializing, after quitting NoFap… And I realized:

It was a lot of sports (40-80 miles of biking and 12-15 miles of running per week) and stress (70 hours of work, study, and parliamentary seat in the local government and membership in a freemasonslodge) that caused a serious magnesium deficiency!

Since day 85 I take magnesium supplements and everything got better. Depression went away, anxiety went away, cramps went away, brain fog went away aaaand… PE went away!!!

Magnesium is not a cure for every depression or every anxiety. But it can lower the symptoms. A lot of people have magnesium deficiency. The reason: Coffee, Coke, indigestion stress, sports and fapping. Maybe a lot of the Nofappers should think about taking some magnesium supplements! Just do some research on google about it!

What else did change?

I do not show that much excessive behaviour (gaming, working, eating sweets) anymore. I do spend my time wisley. I eat much healthier. I practice zen-meditation each day for 20 minutes and use autogenous training as a way to implant guiding principles in my subconsciousness. I read a lot of books about cognitive therapy and motivation (David D. Burns, Napoleon Hill, Joel Osteen)

What about superpowers?

Well I changed my attitude towards women. Thats fine. Socializing is a lot better and selfesteem improved. I never really had issues with these things, so I do not consider it as superpowers for me. But I think it can be superpowers for a lot of people, who had issues until now. It is important to know, that you do not gain these powers from the outside. They are sleeping inside of you. Awake them!

TLDR; NoFap changed my way of life to the better. NoFap did improve the way I think about the future and made me more curious to a lot of things. AND HELL YEAH, NoFap cured me from 14 years of ED. I am fucking feeling like stallion bursting from potency and sexual energy!

Thanks a lot to this great community. Without you fapstronauts and femstronauts I would have never ever been able to achieve more than one week of NoFap. Thanks!

LINK – 91 days – serious ED cured !!!- mild anxiety and mild depression cured !!!

by shoshin23