Age 33 – 50 days: My life has changed significantly – it is amazing

I started using pornography + masturbation probably around 13/14 years old and had the terrible habit for 19 years. I would probably engage in the activity a few times a month but when it would happen I’d have a tendency to binge for a day or two and my life would suffer dramatically.

I’d feel the guilt of the grave sin along with just feeling like I couldn’t control something I really wanted to. It would send me into depression from time to time and I wouldn’t be a very attentive or good husband and father because I would be dwelling on what a shitty person I was. I’ve been married to a wonderful woman for the last 8 years and while she knew I had an issue with it, she didn’t know the depth of it until I opened up to her last month after being a week into this NOFAP experience.

My life has changed SIGNIFICANTLY. All for the positive – it is amazing. I am fortunate to have a really nice life, own a business, and make good money to begin with. I feel like in spite of my addiction I had achieved these things. The last 50 days have been mind blowing!

First of all I just feel incredibly empowered that I was able to overcome the first few weeks and fight the urges. The urges got less and less and I can feel my brain rewiring itself. I live by a strong moral code and PMO always went against that code, but it wasn’t until I started watching the yourbrainonporn videos and hearing about the anecdotal results that it really ‘clicked’ that to be more of a man (something I strive for) I HAD to absolutely stop this and become a way better version of myself.

Here is a short list of the things I’ve accomplished in the last 50 days.

  • Stopped PMO completely.
  • Opened up to my wife about the issue. She is fully on board.
  • Eliminated all triggers I can. Filter at home, site’s I refuse to go to, etc.
  • I’ve been able to stop biting my nails. Another filthy 20+ year habit.
  • Started running and lifting weights. In 50 days I’m significantly stronger, larger muscles, and way more attractive to women (my wife included).
  • Read Athol Kay’s “Married Man Sex Life Primer” and “No More Mr. Nice Guy” and confronted a ton of issues w/ being way to Beta in my relationship at home. I’ve Alpha’d up considerably, taking charge (in and out of the bedroom), being the leader, and my wife has enjoyably fell into a submissive role. I had missed a lot of clues along the way of her just waiting for me to lead – now it is happening. She’s way happier, and I’m way happier. Our sex life is off the charts. We went from about 1-2 times per week to 5-6 times average the past month. Cannot stress enough how incredible this has been. She’s flirty, we’re going on fun dates, it’s like she can’t get enough of me. It’s like we just met each other again for the first time.
  • Confidence is through the roof. Seem to attract female attention everywhere I go. On any given day out regularly making women laugh, smile, etc. Having that attention really just makes your day better, and I come home happier to wifey and kids.
  • Nurtured really good relationships with quality males in my life. I feel like I have more guy friends than ever before.
  • Eating much healthier. This goes hand in hand with the new gym stuff.
  • Early stages of venturing out into 2 entirely new companies that may take me from 6 figures per year to 7 figures. I’m just owning it and loving it.

I realize this probably comes off as braggy but that’s really how it is going and that’s how I’m feeling. I love to read and hear all of your stories. This is not only an answer to my prayers but it’s just about the coolest community and thing I’ve ever found on the Internet.

Keep on keeping on brothers!

LINK – Nearly 50 days – my introduction!


by pu1pj1tt3rs