Age 33 – ED, I’m amazed at the results

A quick context first so you can check if you relate or not : 33 yrs old guy, married, 1 child, 2 PIV per month and before starting nofap ~ 2 faps per week.

I reached 90 days today and I’m amazed by the results, but maybe not in the usual way :

I wanted to start nofap for 2 reasons :

  • to get rid of physical problems (PE and ED, both issues raising more than age should have after a long disease 3 yrs ago)
  • to try not to stress my wife too much about the need for PIV. We have very different sexual needs and I was hoping that reducing Porn usage would also reduce my needs.

So far, I was following this sub to find out motivation, advices but without being an active part of it.

And this summer, I got extremely busy to the point were I “started” nofap without deciding it. Around day 15, I made this a commitment instead of a situation I was “suffering”.

Now, after 90 days, I can say that ED were very probably caused by porn addiction (I wouldn’t have used this word 3 months ago, but now with some distance, I think it’s appropriate) as it disappeared progressively, with first results around day 20 and a “full” recovery around day 50.

Regarding PE, no luck 🙁 One PIV were much longer than usual (ie > 5 minutes) to the point were this were painful for my wife who were not used to this anymore. I thought this was the beginning of healing but no, just a lucky one.

The most positive part was the “journey”, not the goal in itself. I rediscovered the spare time that was lost in watching porn and fapping. I couldn’t realize how much I were losing in this. My mentality also changed in that my sexual needs indeed lowered, up to the point that my wife would ask for sex, which was the first time in years.

The “journey” was also looking at all of the posts in this sub, seeing people managing to reach their goals, others faling with or without regrets, but always with a positive attitude. Seeing so much motivation from a large group was also a source of motivation in my life.

So, what now ?

I think I understand better how I “work” and I will probably now live something in between the nofap experience and my previous behaviour knowing that I could always restart a nofap diet if needed.

So, faptronauts, keep going, it’s worth it. That’s not the miracle solution to all your problems, but for me, that solved some.

TL;DR: nofap experience fixed my ED but not my PE; it lowered my sexual needs and made me rediscover my spare time. I’ll stop now but might do it again later.

LINK – 90 days report, globally positive

by throwanear1