Age 33 – Less stress, More energy, Comfortable sleep, Stronger relationships, Good erection during sex, Less body pain, More confidence


It’s been 60days without pmo. It’s unbelievable. I never thought I can do this. Personally, I feel there is lot improved in my family relationship. I am spending lot of time with my kid. No night out with mobile. Before NoFap, to me every day morning was an achievement if there is no porn previous night.

Now I got out of this shit. I never relapsed since I got introduced in nofap.

Advantage – feeling very strong, less stress, less fatigue, comfortable sleep, strong relationship, no unnecessary erection but have good erection during sex and early morning, less body pain, More confidence.

I am not sure why the ejaculation is very quick during sex unlike before nofap. May be it because there is a sudden change in the body after so many years. I feel this should not be a problem later because I am just 60 days without pmo. Long way to go. But I am very happy for what I have achieved today.

All the best for everyone in the group.

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by Boj