Age 33 – Married: 301 days of not doing something can help you achieve so much other somethings

Results after achieving 300 days of NoFap What I have found out is that the best way to deal with it is cram your life into deliberate awkward public situations so you cannot sneak peek at porn when the urge arrives. Work on tasks that really challenge you both mentally and physically. Take time out for you and reward yourself for reaching milestones.

The counter is great online, but only you know how much of a medal of honour that truly is to your progress so make them real with rewards: go places, buy things or have fulfilling experiences that help you see beauty not sexuality. Other people including significant others will try to relate to you but ultimately they won’t get the ‘WHY’ of your campaign, this is what makes NoFap so difficult because you get isolated very quickly and the old familiar is just longing to take digital love bytes until your counter reaches zero.

  • Accepted Responsibility for my part in PMO addiction
  • Can you smell the Confidence baby!
  • Direct unbroken Eye-contact with female work colleagues
  • Respected by other men and invited to events *Ability to mingle and not stare at floor or mumble
  • Ice-breaker in new social situations and introducer
  • Trust and Communication is the foundation of relationship
  • I control what type of media stimulus I’m exposed to GIGO
  • Sex is just a part of my life, rather than being my whole life
  • No longer have performance review anxiety after sex but just enjoying the experience together.
  • Orgasms arrive rather than being spewed out.
  • I said ‘NO’ to tons of requests to complete skilled and manual tasks for free
  • My hair has stopped falling out in the shower (and is growing back in areas)
  • I look at myself in the mirror (and I like what I see)
  • Sleeping patterns are fairly balanced (in bed usually before midnight)
  • Have found that naked cuddling can satiate a sexual desire
  • This so called ‘Pussy Power’ has no hold over me now and the power shift has drasticially changed
  • I no longer use PMO to feel loved or satisfied as an emotional crutch when sex is being with-held
  • Knowing that my counter is just a way of clocking up the mileage for the long haul *My marriage is on life support as other issues have come to light since embarking on No Fap
  • When something important needs to be done, It gets done.
  • Completed a Post Grad Google Digital Marketing course
  • Got promoted at work *Secured mortgage and moved house to nicer area of town
  • More financially aware of spending and funds
  • Spend more quality family time together
  • Teaching my kids to have a moral compass in a vague pleasure focused world
  • Cycle to work everyday to have moderate fitness levels
  • Found adrenaline pursuits to help control surges and urges
  • Re-igniting many abandoned business projects and ideas
  • Feel real sympathy for anyone connected to the PMO industry
  • More charitable, caring and humanistic towards other people

LINK – Three Hundred and One Days of not doing something can help you achieve so much other somethings

by wmcni


UPDATE – Over 600 days, here’s what I have achieved.

My Noticeable Changes.

tl;dr Monkey see monkey do, Fight smart not Hard, It’s good to talk,How much do you want to change?

  1. GIGO(Garbage in, Garbage out) you really are a by-product of what you consume with your mind, heart and soul.
  2. SELF DISCLIPLINE Stay on track always ask WHY you are doing something. Where did the influence/ urge/ craving /need come from? Then search and destroy, or it will do it to you.
  3. PRESSURE IS NOT A PRIORITY; Allocate a scoring system to ‘stress’, make a point of identifying pressures from others or situations so you don’t crash and burn and look for the old familiar pleasure release.
  4. A WOMAN is her own being, from pixels on a screen to flesh and blood in the street. They are not your sexual goddess to place on a pedestal, a custom gadget to experiment with or the latest trendy toy to chase after and brag about owning. You have no right to her body, mind and soul than she has yours, be it real or virtual (your brain can’t really tell the difference it just, now!).
  5. COMMUNICATE in person or as damned near it as you can with others. We are not designed to be alone, talk to your friends about hopes and dreams, aspirations and making a difference rather than opting to be isolated by interfaces, pacified by porn and kept comfortably numb in a state of pleasurable paralysis.
  6. KEEP ACTIVE and get healthy even if it’s only going for a walk or taking regular multi-vitamins. Do it regularly it’s all about frequency, recency and proximity. You will notice spikes and slumps but things will begin to balance out around the 90 day mark and you will see a real difference in sudden urges and underlying causes for urges. Now you can go and pull these urges out by the roots.
  7. SELF-RESPECT Take stock of what you have done and hold your head up high you have achieved a remarkable amount simply by opting to start NoFap and at least having a go at it.
  8. INTELLIGENCEand memory will return. In my case it was a bit like debris washing up on the beach, there was no indication I would just one day be able to remember a lot more about a subject than I was able to and subsequently score a lot higher in tests which led to promotion at work and new challenges.
  9. LIFE CHANGES. for better or worse, but it will change. Just how much and in what general direction is down to how serious you are about making a change, not just using NoFap as a butterfly browser to get a quick tonic after you’ve looked at stimulus to make you feel better( that my friends is denial and you have quite a way to go yet.)
  10. SEX will become a small part of your life, Not all of your life. When you are regulated a lot more (around 180 day mark), Having sex is not really a big deal, when it happens it happens. You do not go hunting for it in survival mode with desperation oozing from every pore of your being. It’s simply a bonus to your life and a further intimate connection that is formed with your wife or girlfriend.